Vintage Plate Hanging

Hi Everyone,
It is that time of year when the flowers in the garden
have been pruned and the garden is not very pretty
I love to bring the outside in by hanging vintage plates with
roses and flowers
this mimics the garden while it sits rejuvenating
Here is a picture of my wedding china.
It is vintage German fine china that we use everyday.
I did hang one of the plates in the kitchen
I love the little pink flowers and of coarse the bows.
This is another vintage plate that I have hanging.
It was my Grandmothers plate.
I love the carnations and the little gold dots that add such texture to the plate.
It is actually gold leaf.

Here is a close up where you can see the dots
Look at this fabulous collection of plates
I really love this look
Love that the plates are trailing down the side of the wall.

Love the grey walls and the monochromatic feel very classic

{BHG mag}
This kitchen is too cute
Love the choice of plates very feminine

{BHG mag}
Oh My
This is fabulous
Love the vintage flow blue plates and the simple color scheme
Are you a vintage plate hanger too?
I love to use all the fabulous treasures that I collect
I do not want them sitting in a cabinet hidden away
Love to try and find new ways to showcase the beauty.
I hope I have inspired you to try and hang
some of your treasures in your home too

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  1. Your china is beautiful and it is nice that you use it everyday. I'd love to hang a little collection of plates but I have so little wall space. It takes a lot of creativity to get it all to look right. It would be a fun project though!



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