French Grape and Berry Picking Basket

This French Grape and Berry picking Basket is a true treasure.I was told that the french pickers carried these on their backs. It is so fabulous and looked great in the Olivenhain Grove Sale photo shoot.
I have another one that is a weaved basket with the back straps which is much lighter. This galvanized one is so heavy it is hard to believe that they would have these on their backs all day putting grapes and berries in them too??
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by




Love all things French White

I couldnt resist showing you the blue pansies !! I want to make our front walkway inviting .I like these blue pansies overflowing in the white pot . I often sit on the white bench and watch the birds and drink a cup of tea on a sunny day. There is a bird bath to the left and the birds love to splash and play. A beautiful sight.

Love All Things White

I love all things white, but lately I have been drawn to all things rusted. This is the entry way to our house. The rusted metal iron stand has that aged feeling to it that only rust can provide. I try to add curved elements to soften and add interest to the walk way.I want you to feel welcome before you even come into the house.I will be listing items for sale in a few days here on my blog and I am so excited to be joining some amazing friends in 2 upcoming vintage flea market barn sales.One in March at Chateau de Fleurs and in May at the Olivenhain Grove Sale.

Look out Texas. I leave for Texas soon to visit my beautiful daughter and will be treasure hunting along the way.


My Fabulous New Kitchen Faucet

This Amazing Kitchen was in Country Living Magazine. It has so many great design details to it. The chandelier over the sink , the window, the white cabinets, the marble counter top and backsplash, the silver tray. But the minute I saw the faucet I was on the hunt to find it.
I found it and Ilovelovelove it. It is by DANZE.
It was a great buy because I found it new in the box on Craigs list. A sweet family ordered 2 and decided not to use the second one. Lucky for me.


Vineyard Home

Hi Everyone,
Here is the fireplace in our dining room.
It used to have pink tiles and was missing a mantel?
I could not wait to redo it.
I looked for months in magazines for inspiration and here is the results.
I really love the clean traditional feeling the old brick brings with the white mantel.
I will post before pictures soon so you can see before and after. I almost don't want to show you it was that bad.
The house was originally built in the 70's and we are the 3rd owners. I was inspired by our God families home in Edgartown on Martha's Vineyard. Their home overlooks the harbor and is glorious. We try to visit every summer.
My goal is to try and make this home built in the 70's in California feel like a old Cottage on the Vineyard.
No easy task to try and add character to this weird and funky floor plan.
Don't even get me started on the HUGE skylight in the kitchen and the atrium room surrounding our bedrooms? The house does have an amazing view and we have over an acre and 1/3 of land so the good out ways the bad.I am up for the challenge
Especially if it turns out as good as the fireplace



Crest from Ironstone Pitcher made by J&G Meakin

Many of you have asked me how you know if the white pitcher or plate etc. you have is actually white ironstone. Here is one of the crests that will let you know you have found a treasure. This crest is found on the bottom of a pitcher that tells you it is from Hanley England manufactured by J and G Meakin and labeled Ironstone China. I lovelovelove the crown at the top.
If you find this crest you have found a treasure.


White Iron Planter with Green Moss and Begonias

Many times I find inspiration in the strangest places. I was about to paint these terra cotta pots and noticed the moss on them so that led to putting them in this iron planter. The top pot doesnt quite fit but it still looks pretty. I am glad I didnt paint them after all.
I can be alittle quick on the draw when it comes to white paint.
Begonias are great winter plant the white flowers seem to look delicate and lacy and they have a great green color to the leaves. The begonias do well in pots and last a long time.
Thanks for the visit


This greenhouse is so cute

This picture was in Country Living Magazine
There is nothing so fabulous as a little place to call your own.
This space is filled to overflowing with great ideas
I love the chandelier in the greenhouse?
The carpet and the cushy upholstered chairs
To me it is more like a grown up play house
I am filled with great inspiration
Hope you are having a blessed day and finding inspiration

My Greenhouse Garden

I finally have a day to play in my greenhouse garden. I have artichokes and cantalope that I have grown from seed. It is amazing to watch the little seedlings grow and then transfer them to the garden. So far everything is doing well.
Yesterday we went to Rogers Garden and I bought carrots and lettuce seeds to start.
Can't wait to see them start to grow.


Everything looks beautiful in a White Ironstone Bowl Here are the tangerines with apple blossoms from the apple tree

What a Beautiful Day

It was so glorious today I just had to take a picture outside in my backyard. The grass and trees are so green from the rain. I even picked some ripe tangerines.

Upcoming Events


Welcome May 2010 with an authentic vintage flea market
this amazing 2 day event will be held

Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st.
10 to 4
3534 Dove Hollow Road
Olivenhain, Ca 92024

If it sparkles if it is fabulous it will be there for you.


Grab your shopping carts !!!!

Don't forget your shopping carts and be sure and tell your friends.
The Olivenhain Grove Sale is scheduled for April 30 and May 1.

The Rescued Birdbath my husband brought home

Yes it was terra cotta orange but with alittle white paint it looks fabulous
and the birds love it


Beautiful white roses from a beautiful friend.
What a treat to recieve these flowers.
LoveLoveLove it.



Hydrangeas come in such gorgeous colors this is the color that reminds me of Marthas Vineyard.Heres a trick for your garden. If you put a nail next to the roots of the hydrangea it will turn the blooms from pink to blue purple.