White Iron Planter with Green Moss and Begonias

Many times I find inspiration in the strangest places. I was about to paint these terra cotta pots and noticed the moss on them so that led to putting them in this iron planter. The top pot doesnt quite fit but it still looks pretty. I am glad I didnt paint them after all.
I can be alittle quick on the draw when it comes to white paint.
Begonias are great winter plant the white flowers seem to look delicate and lacy and they have a great green color to the leaves. The begonias do well in pots and last a long time.
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  1. pretty!
    i like the new blog set up mommy!

  2. I enjoyed your post considering that we have over 5" of very wet snow. We are suppose to get more tomorrow and Sunday. We weren't suppose to get this much. The drive home in good weather is usually 20 minutes, but took over 45 minutes today. I was glad to get home. Take care and Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  3. Love all your peeks! Thank you for commenting on Mammabellarte, it's a GIVEAWAY! What did you wish for? Ciao Rita


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