Crest from Ironstone Pitcher made by J&G Meakin

Many of you have asked me how you know if the white pitcher or plate etc. you have is actually white ironstone. Here is one of the crests that will let you know you have found a treasure. This crest is found on the bottom of a pitcher that tells you it is from Hanley England manufactured by J and G Meakin and labeled Ironstone China. I lovelovelove the crown at the top.
If you find this crest you have found a treasure.


  1. Thank you so much for the information. Take care.

  2. I definitely found a treasure! I purchased a large pitcher and wash basin in white ironstone from my local antique mall and paid $16 for both pieces. There is a hairline crack in the bottom of the bowl which only adds to it's charm.

  3. How old is the crest in the picture?


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