Thoughtful Gift

Wow I can't believe it is Monday already
How was your weekend?
It was a busy one for our Family filled
with school activities and
of coarse baseball
I received the most wonderful unexpected gift that I adore
It is White has a Crown
is a fabulous Canister
look at the top
*so pretty*
A sweet friend handed this
thoughtful gift to me filled with white roses!!!!
It was so unexpected
I love every little detail

Tami said she saw this canister and thought of me
What a thoughtful gift
I am so grateful
It is so wonderful to give beautiful flowers but what a great
idea to give them in a reusable
container that can be used and adored after the flowers are gone

I have a Grateful heart
This is a great time to let you all know that the votes are tallied and
the White header is the winner
Thank You all for voting
it was so fun
This will be a busy and fun filled week
Getting ready for Thanksgiving
I have so much to be grateful for
Have a great Monday


  1. Aren't friends the best. Aren't friends with presents even better! Lucky you.

  2. Do you know you have word verification still?

  3. Oh wow, this is gorgeous! I am so glad I found you! Love your blog, everything is just wonderful...love your photos! I really appreciate you posting my giveaway.
    Becky C
    Buckets of Burlap


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