Christmas Gate

Brrr.... it has been so cold here
This weather has me in the Christmas spirit
Thoughts of
Hot Chocolate, Ice Skating, Mittens, Woolly Socks
I put the ice skates on the front gate this morning

Isn't it fun unpacking all of the decorations one by one
Love all the memories
Our daughter actually wore these ice skates and now they are a Christmas tradition
Love putting them on display each year
The skates are a "where is waldo" thing at our house
The ice skates were even on the mantel as my daughters stocking one year
Thank goodness Santa knew whose skates they were

Where would you put the ice skates?

I am having so much fun decorating It takes me so long because I have to reminisce with every ornament this could take all month LOL

Happy Memories and Happy Tuesday




  1. That entrance to your home is absolutely charming. The skates look great there on the gate. Yu must not worry that anyone would walk away with them? I would probably put the skates on my door. I'm looking forward to decorating here.

  2. I have skates hanging on a piece of old fence...as I don't have a gate like yours.
    Last year they were on an old shutter.
    Very charming!!
    Enjoy the fun of decorating!
    Take care, Laura

  3. I think that is too cute. Thanks for sharing.......TALLULAH'S

  4. The skates look adorable on the gate. You have a beautiful entrance!


  5. Such an adorable addition to your front gate. We've been unpacking boxes of decorations too and the girls have been having a blast. It's so fun to watch them get so excited when they find their favorites!

  6. Wow...I LOVE your gate! The little additions are so "wintery". It's all beautiful!
    Becky C


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