May Day Tradition

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
This Wednesday is
 May 1st
One of our favorite family traditions is 
hanging flowers on our front door 
to celebrate May Day!

This vintage  glass peanut butter jar has a handle 
so it is easy to hang a 
few flowers from our garden
 we have also used everything from recycled tin cans
 to woven baskets and paper cones full of garden flowers

Every year we even surprise our neighbors and friends
by secretly hanging a bouquet of flowers
 on their front door too
Its almost a covert operation we try very hard not to get caught


May day celebrations were a wonderful way
 to get outside and celebrate the warmer weather
The May Pole was a town tradition
the men would erect the pole  on April 30th
and the  entire town would gather and dance around the pole on May day
how adorable are these little girls skipping around
a decorated May Pole in a field of flowers


This picture is from a college May day celebration
 their beautiful dresses and the flowers
 look at the umbrella covered with flowers and the streamers
so funny to see only one person smiling

My Grandmother used to hang flowers on her front door
 she said it brought happiness
 to a Home 
 all of us grandchildren helped her pick the flowers 
and she taught us how to arrange them so they made a pretty bouquet

Celebrating May Day is not just a celebration of Spring
 in our home
 but a wonderful way to continue family traditions
 of spreading kindness and beauty
 to friends and family
and honoring a much Loved Grandmother
Don't forget to put a few flowers on your front door for May day too
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romantic saying for today

"You called me and I came home to your heart"



  1. Pam,
    What a sweet post and sweet that you share flowers for May day with neighbors and friends. Such a sweet story. Loved this post.

  2. How sweet and such a thoughtful tradition.
    I remember the May pole .... I lived in another country (British Colony) and the tradition was done when I was a child in our little village school. Wow.... what memories your post has evoked.
    Hugs, Gee

  3. A beautiful tradition! You inspired me to start a new tradition!
    Happy May Day!


  4. What a sweet and sentimental tradition! And the flowers are so pretty. I love how you surprise the neighbors...I wish I were one of them! :)


  5. I love the idea of hanging fresh flowers from the door.I'm going to start doing this.The May pole brought back fond memories of May Day in school for Me.I was sad when they stopped it,I was told by My parents in the 50s it was because it was also celebrated by the communist, I think We should have kept it.Thank you,and now I'm your new follower,please come on over and have a chat and tea or coffee with Me.Denise

  6. I always love that you do this. I wish I was your neighbor.

  7. so cute. We should have this on our door everyday :)

  8. What a darling story and such a nice tradition. Such a great gesture that you share this tradition with neighbors.


  9. The senior class at the high school I attended has been doing a maypole winding performance since 1929. The senior class elects the May Queen, who presides over the ceremonies. She has a "court" of attendants, flower girls, etc. Seniors who want to participate do the winding, all dressed up in their prom attire. I guess the Queen is allowed to participate in the dancing now. Back in the old days (when I was there), she, and her court, did not. It's a small town and lots of people show up to watch. It's a treasured tradition there.

  10. This is so adorable! I've never seen a jar of flowers hanging on a door before, but I'm definitely going to have to do it when I move into my new house! Thank you for the lovely idea!



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