Romantic Homes Magazine

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Yesterday was filled with exciting news
A day filled with joy
and celebration  

I have such a grateful  humbled heart
 for highlighting
~White Ironstone Cottage~
in the November  2012 issue

Such a thrill and honor
 Romantic Homes magazine
this white flower arrangement
 and the vintage white ironstone pot
 are part of the pictures in the magazine!!!!!!
Thank You Rita Reade from Mammabellarte for emailing me last night 
with a scan of the pictures
Rita is a super talented friend
 if you have not visited her blog Mammabellarte
 you are in  for a real treat lot's of
 creative beauty
 Rita Reade
 and Chrisite Repasy another super talented friend
The Vintage Marketplace at the Oaks

The Vintage Market place is full of talented vendors 
and fabulous vintage treasures
their next sale is  November 30th
be sure and mark your calenders

What a fabulous week and to top it all off
 handsome husband just surprised me with the news that
both of our kids are flying home this weekend for my birthday
best present ... ever!!!!!!

So very blessed and grateful
I am off to buy a few issues 
can't wait to turn the page and see the pictures !!!!!!
I want to Thank You all for your Love and support

romantic saying for today

"Love puts the fun in together, The sad in apart,
The hope in tomorrow, The joy in the heart." 




  1. So excited and proud of you! You deserve it, your blog is beautiful and a fabulous vintage romantic inspiration!
    I am going to go buy my copy after class! Lovelovelove you and your blog!
    God is so good!!!!

  2. Yea for you !!!!!!! How exciting!!
    Debra xxx

  3. Yea for you !!!!!!! How exciting!!
    Debra xxx

  4. WOw that's great news! I am so happy and thrilled for you- so deserved.....congrats!

  5. wow...how awesome!!~ i will have to get a copy and have a better look! congratulations! so well-deserved! ;)

  6. Congratulations! It is well deserved and I can't wait to get myself a copy and see it. Enjoy your birthday and the visit with your children.

  7. Congrats!! I got my copy the other day, so excited for you!


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