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Happy Monday

~Thank You~ for your  thoughtful comments
We read them together and each one touched our hearts
don't you just
 the trailing ivy in these kitchens

                                                               via Marie Claire Maison
Growing plants inside the house can be tricky
and finding the right plant for the right spot
{not too sunny}
{not sunny enough}
is a challenge for me
via MarieClaireMaison
Geraniums are cute in the window
and they can take full sun
{would I remember to water each one?}

I adore Ivy topiary's
but after the last one ended up in the trash
I swore I would never buy one again

Never say never
I have my fingers crossed
I am babying this topiary like I am its mother

Our daughter sent us these enamelware signs
for our Anniversary

~Cottage Kitchen~

All tips on growing ivy welcome and prayers too
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romantic saying for today
"Your something between a dream and a miracle"
Elizabeth Barrett Browning



  1. Your kitchen is dreamy Pam!
    SOoooOOOoo pretty!
    Love the enamel signs. What a sweet gift!
    I am not good with ivy either. I have even bought a spritzer and tried misting them and they still die on me!
    It seems I am able to grow ivy, but once you add a wire frame and make it
    an expensive topiary..... it is doomed here.

    Great question though. Will be anxious to see if there is someone out there to help enlighten us!

  2. I am with you I love Ivy but gee is it ever tempermental. I can grown ivy ouside great but let me bring inside, even with light and correct watering it just doesn't respond to the environment. If you have any secrets please share. I love your photos, Kathy

  3. I love Ivy ornamentals, but I can't grow them. Good Luck. The kitchens are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  4. Your kitchen is beautiful! And I love the signs. What a great gift!

    Have a great week.

  5. Hy - really a lovely cottage kitchen I would like also to have in our weekend chalet!!!
    Love, Barbara

  6. Pam, I have the same little stars, three of them over my linen closet in my hallway. As for Ivy topiaries, I've had a few. One very large is just outside my front door, and it started as a potted plant from a grocery store. I did nothing but put it in the large pot and wrap it a bit to help it vine onto my topiary form. It's gigantic now!
    We water it, that's it, but for little ones, I have used the job plant food, the dropper kind. A drop or two in the soil and it helps them grow lush. Gorgeous photos by the way, and I love your kitchen best, tami

  7. Hi Pam,

    happy belated anniversary!!! Wish you all the best for the future!

    Thank you for your nice comment, I was really happy to receive it! Love your beautiful kitchen!

    Have a nice week!

  8. Your kitchen is one of my very favorites! :D We just completed a project that reminds me of your kitchen.

    Your daughter's gift is so nice! She is a thoughtful young lady.

    Have a blessed week!

    Ricki Jill

  9. I had a heart shaped ivy topiary for many years and then, all of a sudden the leaves just starting drying up and that wound up in the trash, too, Pam. Never did another one after that with real ivy. I did see on Melissa at 320 Sycamore's blog one time where Walmart {I think} had ball topiaries that looked pretty decent, but it wasn't ivy. I just went the faux route and got my topiaries from Ballard's or Home Goods!

  10. Hi Pam, I am visiting from The House in the Roses. Your kitchen is lovely. I agree house plants can be so difficult grow. They have to like where they are. I have have/had several topiaries and I just tell myself to enjoy them while I can and let them go when they start to look shabby and I don't mean chic. ;-) I am your newest follower.

  11. What a sweet kitchen!

    ♥Linsey @Farmhouse Porch

  12. I've seen the top kitchen before, and I think it's adorable. It just goes to show it doesn't take high end of anything to make a kitchen as sweet as this one. I also adore your kitchen as well.... so cheerful and with so much exquisite charm.

    Happy Day to YOU~

  13. Hi Pam ~ I love all of these kitchens and I have always loved yours, so sweet and charming!

  14. Love it Pam! Makes me want to redo my kitchen....<3
    Ciao Rita

  15. Love your kitchen, Pam! Soooo very pretty! And I had to Pin those first two photos! :) Well...I gave up on real plants in my house a long time ago. First I blamed it on the cats eating them all....then my green thumb just wasn't green any more. lol! All of my plants are now silk and they look great all the time! (shhhh! but don't tell anyone they're faux....!) hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  16. I like the idea of ivy in the kitchen, but haven't had much success. Your kitchen looks perfect for growing it though...so pretty! I loved seeing all your pin inspirations!

  17. Two words.....fish emulsion.


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