White Bedroom

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This is our daughters room in Texas.
She is renting a wonderful old house with 3
friends for her Junior year of College.

 We had one week 
to furnish her room.
Bed, mattress, desk, chairs
The shopping was fast and furious We found this vintage tin top table at the antique mall
We both fell in
with the wonderful green patina and the one slightly bowed leg
The house has the most beautiful original hard wood floors
and look at this fun detail
a special spot for the phone
too cute
Old Houses are so interesting!!!

Her room turned out just like her beautiful, fun, feminine and full of

Her bed is white fluffy and comfy
There is one small closet for all of her stuff
Really Did they not have clothes in those days?

Here is the cute little Texas house
amazing that the grass is green with 
over 40 days of over 100 degree temperatures

the vintage tile in the bathroom

 Here I am a self portrait to show you that
this California girl has been bitten by the Texas bug
I am still wearing my Texas cowgirl boots

Self portraits are difficult
This was my first try with my daughter on the phone giving me instructions
Kids can do this so well
I actually thought I was getting the boots in the picture
and I managed to get the messy closet instead Yikes

I am so happy she is happy and doing great
a part of my heart is still in Texas 

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romantic saying for today
"She soars on her own wings"



  1. Beautiful room for away at college! I love that table with the bowed leg and the phone nook. Charming details.

  2. Oh my gosh, I was going to say wow, your daughter is gorgeous then I realized that was you! Hot mama!

    Your daughter's room is amazing, I love her desk chair!

  3. Her room is darling in white! Love the desk idea! I lived in South Texas for a while, years ago. It does have an "atmosphere" doesn't it? Would love to go back and visit someday.~Hugs, Patti

  4. Beautiful bedroom! Love that bed!!!!

  5. so adorable
    I used to have an apt with one of those phone nooks
    funny how there used to be one designated spot for the home phone, lol
    and your outfit is so super cute :)
    Take care

  6. i could live in that house.....hardwood floors? oh yeah....lots of good light in the windows...green grass...no cactus....absolutely!

    a piece of my heart is in houston....my granddaughter moved there this past month with two of her friends....new life....new adventures....

    have to get me some of those cowgirl boots....

  7. Oooh...the room is beautiful!

    Many Blessings,

  8. Her room turned out beautiful. Love the desk and chair. Everything looks so organized too. Great job!

  9. Her room is beautiful!
    I feel so sorry for women back in the olden days not having tons of clothes and shoes........so so sad!!
    That closet would never do!!

  10. Her room is just beautiful...nothing like the dorm room I have ever seen!! I love the ruffled comforter, can you tell me where you found it?

    You look darling in your boots!


  11. Oh, this college bedroom is to die for!!! Nothing like when I was in college...cramped up dorm rooms, then mismatched apt. living soon after! lol She is lucky to have a mama with so much style! Come to think of it, in 2 years my eldest will be applying to college...geez! enough of that random rambling...loving the linen, the desk and everything else!!!


  12. Love your daughter's room, really very cute.
    The table is an enamel table used in the 30's and 40's in the kitchen for counter space.
    Love the way you have used it. I have one in
    the middle of my kitchen and one on my back
    porch. My grandchildren love to do their crafts on my table because nothing hurts it. It is
    wonderful for rolling out pie dough too.
    Blessings from Louisiana.

  13. What a fabulous bedroom for a college girl! She is so very lucky! Good job Momma! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  14. Very feminine and fabulous! Love the cute vintage telephone!

  15. What a sweet room. I love the phone niche.

    You look completely adorable!

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wayfaring Wednesday!

  16. Fun that you got to spend some time in my Lone Star State! Love the ruffles on your daughter's bed!

  17. Pam, I love this post! I want my daughter to see this because she only has to live on campus her Freshman year. After that, she can rent or purchase a little house like this! Y'all did an amazing job furnishing the room. Too, too cute! I love the bedding!!!


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