Air Kiss

Look at these fabulous pictures of

White Ironstone
They were taken by Lara at Air Kiss
I am so excited to be visiting with her

Welcome to
White Ironstone Cottage
I love your blog and the name is adorable
How did you decide on the name 
Air Kiss
I wanted the name of my blog to represent
the color white somehow and I often think of white as being light and airy.
One day, I started to remember the name of that lip gloss
that usually came with all the Clinique gift-with-purchase kits
~ Air Kiss~.
I've always loved the name of that lip gloss, so
I decided it would be a cute blog name.

What do you Collect?

Some of my favorite vintage items to collect are 
white ironstone, linens, lace and old buttons.
I also will buy vintage postcards if the art or
photo is adorable and what I read on the back makes me smile.

Do you have a favorite place to find Treasures?

There is an incredible Antique Centre in the next town
over from where I live that I frequent often.
It is one of those stores that goes from
room to room and so on, including a basement
where everything is marked at 50% off!
I call it my happy place and like to escape
there to find new treasures and of course, inspiration.

What is inspiring you for the Holidays?

I am very influenced by the Swedish "Lantlig" look
right now. So of course, lots of simple whites,
but I am also trying to work in some simple accents of red.
I think a bit of red makes everything pop esthetically.
I also am looking to Jeanne d' Arc Living magazine
to get some inspiration rolling for me.
I'm excited to decorate with sprigs of pine greenery, pinecones..
rustic things from nature as well as vintage ornaments
and simple Ikea holiday bits 'n bobs.

Do you decorate with White Ironstone?

Absolutely. I love to display my growing collection
on a white wooden wall shelf and around
the house in small vignettes. I'm always
searching for ironstone decorating inspiration.
The cool hue of white ironstone is so
pleasing to my eye - both to look at in person and in photography.

Lara and I have so much in common.
She is a new kindred spirit
Please visit her blog you will love her photos and her wonderful sense of humor too.
Thank You Lara
  so much fun getting to know you better
love that you love
White Ironstone


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  1. What a lovely interview with Lara, she's one of my faves!

    So nice to discover you and your darling blog. :-)



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