Baked Apple Recipe

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This year we have
the best crop of apples we have ever had
Not only do we have a very large crop 
 the apples are already amazingly ripe, sweet and delicious
This is probably due to the unusually warm weather we have had in
April and May
here in Southern California

The apples are green at first and than turn red
 they are called Pink Lady and are such a wonderful healthy treat

The pink flowers on the tree are pretty too and they smell
like heaven

 Because we have such an amazing bumper crop this year 
we have been
trying to give the apples away
 making all sorts of  apple recipes
 from apple crisp, apple butter to the best dish of all 
my grandmothers recipe for baked apples
this recipe is so easy to make and tastes so delicious 
the baked apples are just like a mini apple pie

Grandmothers Baked Apples

To 4 washed and cored apples
brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg ,oatmeal and butter
 mix together to taste and place in the cored apples
place the apples in a glass baking dish and lightly pour apple juice puree over the apples
cover the apples with foil
bake at 375 for
 20 minutes remove foil and add a little butter to the top of the apples
to add more fat and calories
 and bake for 25 more minutes uncovered
 because this is was my grandmothers recipe
 she did not leave us amounts for the sugar etc so everything is to taste


the smell of the apples cooking in the oven will cause
your neighbors to drop by unexpectedly
the mailman will ring your door bell to drop your mail off
the paper boy will  personally  hand deliver your paper
and distant relatives will fly across country
to stay at your home
your children will even offer to do the dishes
{all have actually happened}

I hope you will try this recipe and
Grandmothers baked apples as much as we do

romantic saying for today

"Your the best part of my day, my week, my month,
 my year , my always and  forever"




  1. We cannot do great things but we can do little things with great love.

  2. WOW, the baked apples sounds great. I love making home made apple butter. So glad that you had a bumper crop.

  3. Sounds yummmy! Love anything apple. I make apple bread and oatmeal cookies with small pieces of dried apple.
    Do you dry apples? Yummm!

  4. Not only does your recipe sound very delicious, I love your photos! I can't believe they're already ripe!


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