White Ironstone

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
There is something so serene 
about the color
that may be why vintage 
White Ironstone
 is so popular

Decorating for
this vintage white ironstone pitcher 
was the first to get
filled with pretty white hydrangeas
and a few simple white roses as we get ready 
to host
family and friends

Simple  elegance

We will have a full house  

Such a blessing to be all together
decorating our home with simple white bouquets 
all through out our home

Keeping the color scheme white 
 helps to provide a serene flow from room to room 
 highlighting the beauty of the
 white ironstone as well as the flowers

Every year we ask our dinner guests
 to share with everyone at the table
 what they are grateful for
I think we all look forward to hearing our grateful's as much as we 
look forward to all of the delicious food

I would like to start my grateful early by saying how thankful
 I am for Debra at
for being such a thoughtful and kind blogger friend
 she always is supportive and encouraging 
Thank You for highlighting
White Ironstone Cottage
Debra you are a Blessing

Next week I will be sharing some of our family
traditional Thanksgiving recipes
and a few more fun family traditions

This is such a wonderful time of year

romantic saying for today

"I wish I could do everything on earth with you"



  1. As always, I love your beautiful white ironstone. Hope you have a happy and blessed holiday with your family.
    Big hugs,

  2. Beautiful pictures... excited here for your 'family' recipes. ♥

    ~ Lisa ~

  3. I agree, white is beautiful and very classic. Can't wait to see your recipes!

  4. Simple elegance is a perfect way to describe this, love it! I also love the idea of everyone sharing what they are thankful for!


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