Christmas lights

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Do you have those neighbors
you know the ones that leave their Christmas lights up all year  long
well I have a confession to make 
it is a little bit embarrassing but the truth is
we are those neighbors yes we are...
we leave our outdoor Christmas lights up all year long
I know I know...

If you look closely at this picture of our front door
you can  actually see the orange extension cord running down the right side of our house 
this cord controls 
our Christmas lights
it gets plugged in behind the plant on the right

I  have tried to hide the extension cord with a 
vintage urn a large tree
 but that cord still peeks through 

Here is a great picture of the Christmas lights
 on the back of our house too
The Christmas lights were a big deal for Handsome husband
They were very difficult to hang because of our high roof line 
so we decided not to take them down once they were up
The Good News is
 after Thanksgiving
 we will be able to just plug the lights in with the orange extension cord
 and we will have our lights glowing for Christmas

What about you do you take your Christmas lights down every year
 or are you one of those neighbors too

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romantic saying for today

"You are in every moment I will remember forever "



  1. It looks so pretty and warm there Pam. We do take our lights down every winter, usually when we get a warm thaw in January or February. I leave one set that is in the milk can display on all winter long to light up the front door. The coloured lights on the tree come off earlier than the rest. I like your white lights in your arbour and don't think there's a thing wrong with having them on all year around. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Pamela

  2. Yes! We are those people too! I will eventually be posting on how I use my CHRISTmas lights all year --- I love how you have left the CHRIST in CHRISTmas!!!!! When people use an "X" it immediately turns me off.


    PS Happ Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Pam!!!

    My sister had icicle lights inside and used them when she had company over year round.
    Have you thought about painting the orange cord to match the house? Do you think that
    would work? I've never painted electrical cords, but, it should work.

    I've always loved you house and Blog!!!!


  4. Pam, don't worry you are not the only one. I have my lights on my arbor all year long. And just so you know there are white extension cords out there, I have one on the back deck pergola so no one will notice it. The renovation is coming along great. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Alaina

  5. They are barely noticeable, and look sooo very amazing when lit. Who cares?!
    Hope you are having a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

  6. If I had your home, I too, would leave the lights up all year long. I wonder if you could paint the extension cord the same color as your home then it might not stand out so much? The lights are so romantic and charming. Would love to see in person. :)

    ~ Lisa from Indiana ~

  7. If you have a Dollar General store, they have all lengths of dark green extension cords. We have slowly been changing ours over ;^)
    Your arch over the gate is gorgeous!!!
    Blessings to you,


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