Trash to Treasure

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday 

On our early morning walk
 Handsome husband and I found 
 a broken piano stool

It was sitting in our neighbors trash bin
we knocked on her door and asked if we could have it, she said
 yes but you know its broken right
pretty sure I said yes or maybe just nodded my head   
with a smile

The seat was completely gone
but the top still worked moving up and down
the  white cast iron base and rusty charm

It just so happens that I was hosting
a small afternoon get together for friends

 I simply added a pretty vintage metal cake plate
 and we had a pretty trash to treasure
centerpiece for the table

I am always looking for ways to add height to our table centerpiece
it adds elegance and charm

 Beautiful red ripe strawberries
 A few individual shortcakes

  Home made whipping cream 

Helped to made a pretty and delicious 
afternoon treat

 Sterling silver filigree
 forks for each guest

 This trash to treasure piano stool was a hit 
 and the topic of conversation all afternoon

So fun to reuse and re~ purpose
grateful this vintage beauty was saved from the landfill
and ended up at our Home
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romantic saying for today
 "I can no longer think of anything but you. In spite of myself, my imagination carries me to you"



  1. A girl after my own heart...a broken old piano stool is one of my favorite finds too!!
    Love yours!

  2. What a great find, and great purposing. I have always had a thing for piano stools.

  3. What a fun find. I would have taken it, too. One day I picked up an old stove from the 30's that someone was tossing out. I use it out on our back patio next to the grill to hold supplies. Another man's trash............well, you get it! xo Diana


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