DIY chalkboard

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday

There is a
 affair going on over 
 here at 
White Ironstone Cottage

Yes it's true
Now don't get me wrong I am passionately in 
with handsome husband
 I have fallen head over heels with a new discovery
Krylon spray on chalkboard paint 

I painted our fish steamer
sorry to say I have NEVER actually used the steamer to steam fish LOL

We cook our fish on our BBQ outside 
so there isn't a fishy smell inside the house
 look how pretty the steamer looks
 filled with flowers from the garden

Krylon spray  on chalkboard paint
is so easy to use

{instant gratification}

This fish steamer was in our donation bag
 on its way to Goodwill
It had not been used in forever and you all know in our home we
 use it or lose it

 Grateful we have found a pretty reason to keep this cutie
The family took a vote on what to write on the  DIY chalkboard steamer and
 was the winner

Have you tried Krylon spray on chalkboard paint yet
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romantic saying for today

"Kindness in words creates confidence,kindness in thinking creates profoundness,
 kindness in giving creates Love"



  1. I have to agree with you. That spray is so even going on and EASY to use!!!

  2. No- I haven't tried that spray paint yet- I didn't even know it was available. yes-I am out of the loop this year! I love how that steamer turned out- Crazy cute! xo Diana

  3. I need to try this! Awesome DIY! HPS!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I did not know it comes in a can. I have a project in mind and the can would work great. Your project looks very nice.

  5. So very beautiful. Love it.

    Hugs from here

  6. Darling and I love that you are a re-use it gal!!!


  7. I have not tried the spray chalk paint yet. You can bet I am now. Thanks

  8. A much better use for that steamer. love the look. just perfect!


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