Front door remodel

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

The Coronado remodel is starting to take shape
 now that most of the interior demo is complete
it is time to work on some of the outside demo
the new front door is ordered
The addition of
 a white dutch door
will be a big change from the existing solid
dark almost black green door with the metal screen door
and yes
the rock will be removed too
The rock seems to be a big topic for all of the neighbors

The old door
metal screen door
this is looking at the entrance to the house

 is very
 dark and unwelcoming
looking at the door from the inside of the house

Have you ever seen a door handle
 in the middle of the door
I was told this is a English  style door but
the brass design has a very oriental look
The green on the door looks pretty in this picture but
 it is actually a very dark green

 The new white dutch door from Home depot will 
will be airy and light
and will add a new welcoming feel
to the house

The upstairs bedroom will have french doors
 and a new balcony that overlooks the boats in
Glorietta bay
 and the beautiful and romantic
Hotel Del Coronado

The view is amazing
it is fun to visit Coronado every week to see the changes
That is all for the remodel update
this week electric and plumbing changes will be finished
Can't wait to show you the kitchen update next Monday

romantic saying for today

"With every passing day I love you more"



  1. The Dutch door will be so cool there and you'll get to see the view! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. Loving your new front door. You can probably get a good price for the door with the handle in the middle. They are impossible to find anymore. It's looking good, Pam! xo Diana

  3. Our house is very light, but adding our Dutch door made it even lighter. The best part is, everyone walking down the lane to the beach knows that we are home and they are welcome to visit if the Dutch door is open.

    What an amazing location for that home in Coronado.

  4. I love the Dutch door idea and it will certainly look much better than the original entrance at this house. They aren't practical for our climate here unless it's for a barn. :) The view from the house is wonderful. Have a great day! Pamela

  5. Pam,
    Everything is looking so great. I love the new front door. That view is amazing.

  6. Pam, how fun for you. I hope you are enjoying your remodel process. I am working on finding lights for our new master bed room and the garage. I love your dutch door and the balcony is going to be wonderful. Alaina

  7. These changes will be so wonderful- sounds like good decisions are being made.

    What fun.

  8. As someone mentioned earlier, the old door with the center-placed handle will fetch a tidy sum as they are rare these days. They were very fashionable during the 1950's post-war building boom. The originals dating back hundreds of years are very often found throughout Europe especially France and Spain.

  9. Pam what a stunning view you will have when the French doors are put in. The new front will make a beautiful change and update. Can't wait to see it finished!


  10. A perfect addition. It will be gorgeous.

  11. What are you going to do with the old door? It looks like it might be solid core, and just needs a coat of paint....maybe red lacquer?


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