Summer Fun

Hi Everyone
 Happy Summer
Summer living
Summer at our house means
 everyone is HOME and we are all together
it also means a packed house full of family, friends
  and lots of kids
So when these Newtons Fruit Thins arrived at our front door 
everyone was anxious to
get their hands on them
try them
Food brings everyone together  
especially at our Home


 Newtons Fruit Thins
are made with delicous
 real fruit and whole grains but
 the best part is they are packed full with rich delicous flavor...
 there is a variety of real fruit choices to choose from
 such as

 all drizzled with
  rich dark fudge

We all
summer sunshine and longer days
 being able to dine
on our back patio and fun family BBQ's

We also enjoy walking and  
 swimming at the beach 
 playing tennis and golf
  riding our bikes , paddle boarding  and sailing too 

Living such an active lifestyle also
 means making smart choices when it comes to food
 desserts and snacks
 These Newtons Fruit Thins are a
 perfect healthy treat
The banana fruit thin tastes delicious with real bits of banana and drizzled with dark
fudge on top
A delightfully deacadent combination of flavors all packed in a crunchy crisp cookie
 the Fruit Thins Coconut Drizzled with Dark Fudge 
 reminded  us of our summer vacations in Kauai 
and our visit to the farmers market one Saturday
This is where we tasted fresh coconut for the very first time.
We all still remember the 65 year old women who used a large machete
to chop open a fresh coconut for us all to enjoy.
The Fruit Thins Coconut Drizzled with Dark Fudge was
Handsome Husband's favorite because of the real bits of chewy coconut
{ Loves }
coconut and even puts it on his oatmeal every morning

Now we  are off for a picnic at the beach to watch another beautiful sunset
  Newtons Fruit Thins
will be a delicious ending to a beautiful summer day

Visit newtonscookies.com to take a look at all of their new Fruit Flavors and also get access to great tips.

Be sure to visit the Newtons brand page on BlogHer.com to read other bloggers' posts!

romantic saying for today

"I I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile
 the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand"



  1. I haven't tried these yet, but Fig Newtons are my very favorite!

  2. Those cookies couldn't have been presented any better, wow what great hands.

  3. I love those cookies...great summer treat!!


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