Summer Fun

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Summer is here 
and last night we had our first summer BBQ  of the season
to dine Al Fresco on the back patio 
  this year in the garden we have 
another bumper crop of apricots, plums
and apples
as well as sugar snap peas , tomatoes and artichokes

Yellow cucumber buds
 are  blooming

Apples on the tree

The freshly painted white adirondack chairs
 are ready for some summer fun and relaxation

Here in Southern California the weather can be funny in June
 because we live close to the beach we get what is called June gloom
it is a coastal fog that can keep the weather cool especially in the mornings
the fog can burn off 
and  it gets very warm in the afternoons
it is perfect weather for the plants

We put the flags in the basket 
 for Memorial day 
and now we are also ready for flag day and
 the 4th of July!!!

are you ready for some summer fun

romantic saying for today

"A flower cannot bloom without sunshine and man cannot live without Love"



  1. Your home and yard and surroundings are just beautiful. I can't believe we are into June already. I missed blogging for a few weeks due to a computer that DIED! Glad to be back and see you here- xo Diana

  2. Pam,
    Your yard is gorgeous!!! I would love to sit out there everyday and eat. Just so comfy and inviting. Thanks for sharing this. So pretty.

  3. What an amazing back yard!!! LOVE the basket of flowers on the gate! Very inspiring!

  4. Your yard is just lovely. The basket on the gate is just darling. I really can't get over your patio area. We are building a new smaller home and that is what we are planning for our backyard with the pergola and pillars. Thanks so much for this great post!!


  5. You backyard looks lovely Pam. I love the pergola and the nice seating area outside of it. Your weather sounds wonderful. Enjoy. Pamela

  6. What a gorgeous yard you have and quite an established garden. Always love to see that. We have some tomatoes and bell peppers this year. Will see how they do then next year we'll try more. Hope your garden keeps growing so well for you, the weather there is very good for gardens.
    I can so remember June gloom. When we first moved out to Santee it would be all sunny so I'd get the kids ready and the beach stuff to get to the beach to "gloom". Was quite disappointing. We had moved to CA from Tucson, AZ. Since we drove all that way we'd stay at the beach anyway.
    I always loved the time at the beach from about 4 to 5:30, was so pretty. I'd wait til about 6 or so to avoid the awful traffic back to Santee. Sometimes I really miss the beach. We started out going to Mission but then went to Pacific Beach where our oldest daughter went. From what I've heard it's all different down there now. wouldn't recognize it anymore.
    Our oldest son moved back to San Diego over 3 yrs. ago but he lives in El Cajon. He takes his boys to beach soon after they arrive in S.D. from KY. Believe me there's quite a difference between San Diego and KY, The boys are 17 and 15 now so they really love it in S.D.
    Enjoy your garden and be happy despite the nasty old June gloom. Happy Days

  7. Love your patio Pam! Being in Temecula, we kinda like the June gloom. Those coastal clouds hang on the mountain range in Fallbrook and keep it cool here. I will enjoy it while I can! 3 weeks to go (literally)! So glad we can keep in touch via blogging! :)

  8. Your patio is fantastic! I just love your cottage!


  9. Pam, Your outdoor space is beautiful and I love the pergola!

  10. Hi..Very cute backyard!!
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