IPhone Photos

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
So excited to share with you
the pictures taken with my Iphone
this past weekend at
They have amazing Eden roses right now
They remind me of peonies
with their row upon row of fluffy petals

Eden roses are a must have in your garden
they are a fabulous cut rose for arrangements
 and always a show stopper no matter where they are growing

Just look at these gorgeous blossoms

Rogers Garden had an outdoor table set up
for Flag day
  {which is this Friday}
 perfect for 4th of July fun too with
Red, White and Blue

 the candle holder

Such a Cute idea to add
red and white gingham ribbon
 around the utensils
and white napkin
The ceramic plate and bowl are made to look like paper

Amazing ivy topiaries
{why do mine always seem to do so poorly once they get to my house}

Last but not least gorgeous
Oh My heavens !!!
blue as the sky hydrangeas

can you guess what we brought home
from our visit to Rogers Garden
linking for Mod Mix Monday

romantic saying for today

"Once you have learned to Love you will have learned to live"



  1. Such beautiful pictures! its amazing what our phones can do!! xox

  2. The flowers look so beautiful and I do love that candleholder. Flowers and candles are always my favorite.

  3. Darling, those pics are amazing! I need some Eden roses, love the big blossoms and color. And, hydrangea, they are my absolute favorites. xx's

  4. Beautiful photos. I love your circle driveway under here.

  5. Pam, thanks for sharing the inspiration at Roger's Garden! Those roses look like they were photographed in an English garden!

  6. Pam!!! I cannot believe you took those photos with an iPhone!!! Holy cow-what great pictures. Amazing quality and those roses look like a painting. xo Diana

  7. How pretty are those pictures from your I phone. They are gorgeous. So pretty.

  8. Your trusty IPhone takes great pics. The roses are just lovely but I have to admit I got week in my knees with the Ivy Toparies. Why, Why can't I do Ivy. Oh well I can enjoy them on blogs and Pinterest. Thanks for sharing. Kathy

  9. I wonder if those roses will grow here in FL. They are beautiful!

  10. How gorgeous! Those roses are so big and fluffy! Love the blue hydrangeas too! Mine are blooming white this year for some reason. Something must have changed the pH or acidity in my soil. I'll miss the blue but the white will be pretty too! Hugs, Leena

  11. Your photos are great. This looks like a wonderful place to shop.

    I can't get enough of hydrangeas.

  12. I need to go shopping with you, Pam! Love the roses and the hydrangeas. :D


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