Round Top

Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
 Back home and so grateful for a
fun filled trip
so much to share with you all
 was massive
so many people 
so many fabulous treasures 
Everything does seem bigger in 

The luster on this vintage
 white ironstone pitcher
 caught my eye and 
 was one of the first vintage treasures
 that found a new home 
and just look at this
 extra large crystal knife rest 
the light catches on each facet 
 it almost  looks like it is glowing

This beautiful knife rest
  would have been used to rest large cutting knives on a table 
It is always such a treat to find a vintage treasure
 that is unusual and beautiful and something
 we can actually use in our home

What I miss when I travel
 is being able to just 
 go outside  into our garden.....

With my
rose clippers

 Cut a few pretty roses
bringing them inside and
filling the entire home with their amazing fragrance

The garden is bursting
beautiful  rose blossoms right now

 Vintage white ironstone is the perfect container
 for fresh cut roses
So many fabulous vintage treasures to unpack and even more pictures to share with you
linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today

"I would say I'll give you the world but
you are my world"



  1. Beautiful photos. Already roses in your garden? hm, here is still snow.

  2. oh you lucky girl, I've not made it to Round Top yet, but I'll get there! Your roses are gorgeous!

  3. I would love to go to Round Top one of these days, years...you found some beautiful things to add to your already gorgeous home! I hope we get to see more of your pretty garden soon!


  4. Love your new pretties. Great finds!

    Our roses are just beginning to leaf. It will be a while before we have blooms.

  5. So happy you got to experience both Round Top and Rachel Ahswell's Prairie. Isn't it charming? I attended her open house and book signing last fall. Would love to stay there sometime. Beautiful roses in your garden. '-)

  6. Since I first heard about Round Top via Country Home zine, (darn I miss that zine), I've so wanted to go to Round Top. I'd need to win the lottery or PCH at least or I'm afraid I wouldn't pay any of the bills so I could buy much of what I see. I'm pretty sure there might be a few things my heart would say it couldn't live without.
    Love your ironstone pitcher, seems like one can never have too many of those right? And your knife rest is very pretty, I love glass things like that, not as many people know what they are let alone want to buy or collect them. I used to see them quite often at antique stores in MT & KY but not one that big, very special, it's in very good shape also.
    Your garden is so pretty, looks like you're a rose cultivator, some of your roses look beautiful in your new ironstone pitcher. Happy Days


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