Spring Cleaning

Hi Everyone
 Happy Thursday
Yesterday was the official first
 day of Spring 
and that means time to start spring cleaning

We clean one cabinet at a time in our Kitchen
bringing everything out  dusting everything off
even finding things we did not know we had
A great time to make sure the treasures inside are not broken
and most of all that we really
 use or
everything we put back after cleaning
That is the fun part eliminating and making room for new treasures!!!!

Many of you have asked me about this
 vintage galvanized tub
in our kitchen
yes..... we really use it as our trash can 
It works great 
 It fits perfectly right under the vintage pine island and
is right by the sink for easy clean up

Also {Love}
 the fact that our puppy Finley cannot get into the barrel
or knock it over
so we do not have to worry
 about trash all over the kitchen

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning
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romantic saying for today

I will be your promise, your prayer and I will always be there



  1. I have started. Ready, not sure :-) I am a big tidy as I go person.. so I pretty much touch every surface on a weekly basis. But for some reason, the cabinets always need that extra attention. Like you, I go through and purge what I have not sued or am not totally in luv with any more. Keeps the clutter down.
    Happy Thursday and Happy Spring Pam!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. I have started too. Wish my cleaning would make my kitchen look like yours! It's gorgeous and your little dog is just adorable.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Pam- Your kitchen is just beautiful. I love the clean, serene look to it...and I even love your garbage can! xo Diana

  4. Thank you Pam. Nice photos. Sunshine is in my heart now.

  5. Pam, you have a beautiful kitchen. It would be a pleasure to clean these cabinets. I've started on a little spring cleaning too. Once closet at a time. My goal is get one space cleaned and organized each day. Yesterday met my goal......today, didn't get a thing done as I was away from the house all day. Hope tomorrow is more successful. '-)

  6. Wow Pam you have a gorgeous kitchen, awesome range. You had to bring up Spring cleaning huh? Yeah, it has to get done but now? Been doing little at a time,making new curtains, pillow covers, cleaning out kitchen and bathroom cupboards.
    It does feel good to thin things out, clean everything, drive hubs crazy with stuff all over while I go thru it. He's home all the time so I don't get any time I can just let it all fly by myself.
    Our dog and cat act like they think we're moving.
    Happy Spring

  7. You have a dream kitchen dearie!!!! How absolutely like a fantastic magazine it looks! WOW!


  8. I can't say I am ready for spring cleaning, but the time is here. I have just 4 school days until spring break, but I will begin tomorrow with the cleaning. I hate cleaning, but I love the look, smell, and crisp look of the house all set for spring and summer. The best part is all the lovely flowers in bloom.

    Have fun with your spring cleaning.

  9. Hi Pam, I just discovered your beautiful blog. I love your dreamy kitchen!! Your pretty spring pics are making me long for spring more than ever, as it is currently snowing where I am. Enjoy your spring cleaning. Hugs, Debi

  10. Pam, love your home. I am a new reader and love all of your white ironstone. I collect McCoy, USA, etc all in white. Love it.

    Thanks for the pretty photos.


  11. Spring cleaning is next on my list after the white show and before camping season starts!
    Your kitchen is so beautiful!

  12. Love your kitchen - it would be fun to spring clean here! Love the vintage galvanized tub - terrific idea for a trashcan - I have been wanting a smaller one for the kitchen. Yours is an inspiraiton, I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  13. Pam, just had to come back, I will be featuring your beautiful kitchen in my next Home and Garden Thursday party, I do appreciate you sharing.


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