Vintage Shopping Test# 16

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
 Happy February
Are you ready for another 
vintage shopping test
Here are two wonderful silver trophy's 
 one is also known as a
 Loving Cup

This Trophy is engraved First Place 

Individual Rifle Marksmanship
It has a black celluloid base and a beautiful filigree wreath  engraving

This Trophy is engraved La Jolla Country Club
Presidents Cup 

It does not have a base but it does have handles on both sides

Do you think you know which one is the
  real vintage Trophy
 and which one is the new reproduction

If you guessed the  La Jolla Country Club trophy you were...
 this trophy was won in
1933  and is worth 
$155 dollars
because it has two handles it is also called
 a Loving Cup

This trophy is a new reproduction of a trophy made in 1954
 and was $15

Both trophies tell a story and
it is  so fun to dream of the winning one!!!!

How did you do
Did you pick right
leave me a comment and let me know

romantic saying for today

"My soul will find your soul"



  1. Love the trophies. Such cool finds!!!!

  2. you fooled me, Pam, but either way they are both so wonderful!!

  3. I love trophies~ I keep my eye out for them when junking all the time!! Yours are gorgeous! Thanks for linking up at FNF too!! :)

  4. This was a tough one, Pam. Both are wonderful. I've not had good luck finding trophies or loving cups, but keep looking. I prefer the loving cups with two handles.

  5. What fun! Yep, I got it right, I knew by the handles! Gorgeous finds, both.

  6. We used to love to go to La Jolla ... I do miss California some. The patina on that cup is difficult to repro. I see you are getting hit with spam too, that's why I have comment moderation on, gives me just a little bit of satisfaction to send them to the spam folder :))
    Happy Pink !

  7. Wow! This is a really cool find! I am always happy to see new treasures everywhere I go! HPS and enjoy the week! Hugs Anne


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