White Apple

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Have you ever seen a white apple before
yesterday at Micheal's
I bought a bunch of fake fruit on sale
 was not sure what I was going to do with it .......
  While working on our new hall tree
 I decided to see what some of the fruit 
would look like painted white.....
Painting is so much fun

how the apple turned out
 it looks so cute sitting in this vintage garden trug
Decorating simple
 not too "frou frou" or trendy
 just having fun
What do you think do you like the white apple
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romantic saying for today
"Love is space and time measured by the heart"



Potting Bench

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

Our Potting bench was a garage sale find definatley worth
the $40 dollar price tag
 We knew when we found it that it would fit perfectly
right here on our brick patio by the herb garden
This was the inspiration picture we had for the space
we had every intention of painting
 our little potting bench

 When handsome husband placed the potting bench
on the patio we both looked at each other in surprise
The wonderful  time worn wood
seem to fit right in the space

 Our vintage hose nozzle collection
{not sure when that happened}
 fit right in
So we decided to
 live with it
"as is"
and  not paint it for a little while
You can see
we never did paint it white
So when we had the paint brushes out to paint
  this yesterday
A vintage oak hall tree that needs so much work
 can't wait to try chalk paint on this treasure and see
if we can bring it back to life
We both agreed that the potting bench
looks just right as is...
so grateful we did not paint it right away
What do you think would you paint it white?

romantic saying for today

"The loving are the daring"



Time for Tea

Hi Everyone
 Happy Saturday
It is Time for Tea
 Now that the weather is cooler 
 it is fun to take time for a spot of tea
 here in the early afternoon
I found a yummy new tea at Trader Joe's that is delicious
Pumpkin Spice herbal blend
a good  herbal tea {no} caffeine
Rooibos is translated as red bush
 from the leaves the tea is made from
 it is known to be  full of antioxidants
I have to admit the adorable tin that the tea came in 
caught my eye...
but it was the sample taste that sold me 
it has a fabulous pumpkin spice aroma
 and it taste slightly sweet  so no added sugar is  needed
 Just a few sliced strawberries to nibble
on and we have tea for two 
in the afternoon
We had so much  fun sipping tea and talking 
time just  flew by 
before we knew it
it was almost time for dinner
And a little more tea......
I bought a few of the Pumpkin Spice tea's
to give as Teacher gifts too !!!!
Time goes by so fast sometimes
 it is important to slow down take care of yourself and enjoy the moment
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romantic saying for today

 "If music be the food of love, play on"



Vintage Shopping Test # 15

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Are you ready to test your
 ~vintage shopping skills~

 Handsome husband bought us a pair of brand new 
lacy white cotton euro shams for our anniversary
 The vintage pair we have had on our bed since we got married
 they were a wedding gift that we have lovingly cherished

 The first euro sham has
 beautiful crocheted lace detailing on the edges

 In the  center a pretty crochet insert

The Second euro sham also has a pretty crochet edge

And a dainty square insert
 pattern in the center

The first euro sham is on the right 
the second euro sham is on the left

Do you think you know which one is the vintage sham
 and which one is the brand new sham?

 If you picked the euro sham with the bold lace pattern you are 
How did you do ?
I would {love} to know if you picked right 

The new  cotton euro shams are from Pottery Barn and they were on sale
You all know I am passionate for vintage treasures but  I
our new lacy euro shams 
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Vintage Inspiration Friday

romantic saying for today

"I add my breath to your breath"



Pop Up Sale

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Have you ever been to a
 vintage flea market
 a pop up sale is a sale where you don't
 know the time or date {sometimes even the location} until a week before the sale
and you get notice of the sale via email invitation
 The first one I went to was at Tricia Foleys general store
everything she does
I will be having another "pop up"  sale very soon 
If you would like to be on the guest list and receive a invitation for this fun event
 please leave me a comment 
This event is held in Southern California
 in our guest cottage
and everything inside is for sale
{ had a pop up sale recently and it was a huge success}
 It is so fun to decorate the cottage
 With Lot's of fabulous vintage treasures 
Collected just for you

Everything from beautiful vintage blankets 
 and textiles
To One of a kind vintage windows and doors
 Treasures from the Country Living fair in Austin
and so much more
 So excited to start to decorate
 for the next pop up sale

This event will not be posted here on the White Ironstone Cottage blog 
it will only be for those of you who receive a email invite with the date and time
 so be sure and leave me your info 
Looking forward to meeting you at the next  pop up sale

romantic saying for today
"I love you right up to the moon — and back." 



Love Letters

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
When I spotted this vintage mail box 
it made me smile
 it brought back so many  wonderful memories 
of my handsome husband and I when we first met........
I was a flight attendant and gone all the time
 so we wrote
  each other love letters once a week it was so romantic
It was so fun to go to the mail box
{not as cute as this one}
and see if {hope} there was another letter from him

I Could not wait to hang 
 this vintage
treasure in our hallway
This morning when we came down the hall
 for our first cup of coffee
 look what I found

A love note on the mailbox
~Today is our 24 Wedding Anniversary~
What a fun way to start the day

 This is our engagement picture
 that we still
 write each other {Love } letters
we make each other laugh
we hold hands and have date nights once a week
Blessed and Grateful to be married to such a handsome wonderful man
who still makes my heart skip a beat

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romantic saying for today

"From this day forward you shall not walk alone
 My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home"


Are You A Romantic Quiz

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Are you a Romantic
Take this quiz
 You use your good china
A ~ everyday
           B~ Only on holidays
If the house was on fire you would grab
              A~heirloom treasures
      B~the television

Favorite flower

  Must have on the dinner table
                    A~flowers and candles
                            B~paper plates and napkins

Favorite scent

Favorite Movie
               A~The Notebook

 Colors in your home
A~White with pastels
                               B~Anything accented with black or brown
If  you chose
for at least 4 out of the 7 questions
you are a romantic 

How did you do?

romantic saying for today
"Paradise is always where love dwells". 



White Ironstone and Lace

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Vintage White Ironstone
 paired with pretty vintage white lace

 We have been blessed with absolutely
 glorious weather here
 in Southern California

An October day that feels more
like a lazy summer afternoon
too pretty to be indoors

Some vintage treasures seem to go together like......
 ~ peanut butter and jelly~
~toast and tea~
~spaghetti and meatballs~
~peas and carrots~
~Love and Marriage~

~White Ironstone and lace~
A Classic Combination
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romantic saying for today

"If I know what love is, It is because of you"