White Apple

Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday
Have you ever seen a white apple before
yesterday at Micheal's
I bought a bunch of fake fruit on sale
 was not sure what I was going to do with it .......
  While working on our new hall tree
 I decided to see what some of the fruit 
would look like painted white.....
Painting is so much fun

how the apple turned out
 it looks so cute sitting in this vintage garden trug
Decorating simple
 not too "frou frou" or trendy
 just having fun
What do you think do you like the white apple
 linking for Wow Us Wednesday
romantic saying for today
"Love is space and time measured by the heart"



  1. I like that idea...makes it look more holiday-ish :)

  2. I love whites and anything white is great to me. Love it.

  3. Love how apple looks in white. Very clean with other white things. Love your basket also. You can use your apple and maybe other fruits any time of the year. Good call. Enjoy your blog.
    Every time I see Del Mar it makes me lonesome for Ca. Haven't lived there since 92. We lived out in East County (Santee) of San Diego but our daughter lived in Del Mar for couple years. Such a gorgeous area. We've lived in MT, KY and now western CO (west of Grand Junction) since we left CA. It's a whole different way of life that only people that have lived there understand. We spent alot of time at Pacific Beach when we lived there. Guess it's all different now. Happy Week

  4. I am quite liking your white apple Pam. I am slowly but surely reverting back to white....
    Cheers, Gee

  5. Love the painted apple!!! I would never have thought of this! I collect apples as decor items and now you have inspired me to look "outside the box" Faux fruit here I come!!! I see glitter on it for Christmas decor! Thanks for the inspiration! hugs.

  6. I like your white apple, Pam. I have a white pear! It looks nice just sitting wherever I set it, on a plate, in a bowl, in a teacup, etc. I like glittered fruit too but I won't glitter this one up. It's nice to have one which is just plain. Hope you have a lovely weekend.



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