Deck the Halls

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
This weekend 
we put on Christmas music and
 Decked the halls
not with boughs of holly but
 all through out the house we added pine tree branches and ribbon we even decorated our
~vintage white ironstone~

Did you know that a "bough"  means a tree branch
So when we  all sing "deck the halls with boughs of holly"
we are actually singing deck the halls with branches of holly
the questions children ask

Grateful for google search
to help answer
 questions like this
 Are you still Decking the Halls
at your home
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ending December 28
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only 8 days until Christmas

romantic saying for today

"Loving you is such good fortune"



  1. Pam,
    One word BEAUTIFUL. Love the simplicity of this and the touch of color. Great post.

  2. I can't stop decorating. Everyday I cut a few more boughs of pine or holly, and stick it behind another picture or on another shelf. The other day my husband said, "it sure looks good, but wait until you have to take it all down!" He's right, but I'm loving it now - and I wish I had white dishes like you, because yours looks great!

  3. Simple elegance!
    I am still doing a little decorating too!


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