Vintage Shopping

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
Did you have a fun weekend
 It is always a strange Sunday when we turn our clocks back an hour
 it gets dark so early 
We headed to the  Orange County Great Park again  for some  fun vintage shopping
   This adorable white mirror
 was the first treasure found
 its white vintage chippy charm
These license plate cut outs are a new favorite find
so many fun ways to play with them
 and at 1.25 they are a bargain
of coarse we spent a lot of time hunting for words
 since the letters are all in a pile 
 to add a few red vintage treasures for 
and this adorable watering can already  looks so cute sitting on the window sill 
There was a TV crew
 filming  there
 It was fun to see what they were buying 
quite a bit of negotiating took place I was taking pictures of them filming
Here they are talking about the twin bed they bought
 I was  even interviewed for the show
they asked me what I was shopping for  I said...
Vintage White Ironstone
 of coarse
{no pic's of me being interviewed I had the camera darn it} 
They said if they use my interview they will let me know when it airs
How fun is that!!!!!!!
 Grateful to have found a new
vintage white ironstone pitcher
 that has already found the perfect spot in our home

So here is my question for you....
of the four treasures shown
the  vintage watering can
the  vintage white mirror
the  vintage ironstone pitcher 
the license plate cut outs
What would you have bought?
 let me know

romantic saying for today
 "Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness"



  1. So excited for you!
    Lovelovelove the joy sign too and the mirror!
    I want to see your interview!

  2. I love everything but I would have bought the vintage mirror. I can't resist them.


  3. i had never seen license plate cutouts!


    hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you.


  4. Love it all. The mirror, than the ironstone pitcher, gas can, all in that order. Great finds.

  5. I love love old mirrors so that would be my number 1. I also love white ironstone pitchers so that would be next. Then there are those license plate numbers that shout fun and versatile so I would have for certain snatched those up. Great finds!

    Such fun to be interviewed!!

  6. Great finds....especially the mirror! ~drool~

  7. J'adore ce genre de shopping

  8. The pitcher would have been my first purchase - closely followed by the vintage can.

    That must have been fun, Pam.

  9. I love mirrors and would not have passed this one by!


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