No Black Friday

Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving
Our Thanksgiving was filled with delicious food
the warmth of family and friends around our table
So Blessed and Grateful
Now that all the dishes are clean and the left overs are in the fridge
 its time to start decorating our home for 
No black Friday here 
 we have a different tradition
This is the day we all stay home in our pj's and just enjoy being together
That is the best gift we could give each other 
and the one that we all treasure most
 we get all the Christmas boxes down from the rafters....
We start a fire and with coffee in hand we open one box at a time
we talk, laugh and are reminded of  beautiful
Christmas's filled with
 It is so much fun to look at all the treasures in each box
some are handmade , some are amazing inherited treasures
Some were gifts
and all of them bring back wonderful memories
We all look forward to this day just as much as
 Thanksgiving day
 it is a time filled with memories and dreams of Christmas's to come
and we get to stay in our pj's all day  too!!!!!!
are you fighting the crowds for Black Friday

 Here is a little shopping  tip......
Go through all of the  Christmas treasures you already have
before you go shopping for new ones
linking Vintage Inspiration Friday
Feathered Nest Friday

romantic saying for today
 “The Very first moment I beheld him, my heart was irrevocably gone.”



  1. best tradition. I agree no black friday for me!

  2. What a wonderful day! Family traditions are the best. Enjoy your day with your precious family.

  3. I'd love to skip out on shopping today but we absolutely have to go out and buy new decorations! We moved across country in May and, due to space constraints, gave up all our decorations. It's our tradition to put the tree up the day after Thanksgiving so, a shopping we must go but I'd much rather be in my jammies all day drinking coffee!!! Enjoy!

  4. No black Friday here.Although I am working today! Beautiful decorations!

  5. Nope no black friday:) To many crazies out there. All our Christmas goodies are out and up.

  6. That sounds like a great tradition, Pam. I decorate today, too, although I mostly do it myself now that the kids are grown. I do enjoy it as I get to take my time, listen to Christmas music, have the fire going and decide where I want to place things. Since hubby works retail, he is sleeping right now, so I've had a lull in the decorating for the moment.

  7. I never do black friday. I'm just happy to stay home the day after and do some crafting and sort through my Christmas decor.


  8. what a wonderful tradition, so nice that your family loves doing this instead of running in 20 directions. I'm the lone decorator now that the girls are married, so that has to wait till everyone leaves for home. enjoy your sweet family time!

  9. Les traditions se perdents hélas c'es bien de les respecter et de les transmettre surtout.
    Merci pour ce doux et beau billet et bonne fête
    Bisous Sandrine

  10. I did the exact same thing for black friday! I love the time with family and now my house is ready for CHRISTmas :) (It bothers me that people do xmas because I once read it took the CHRIST out of CHRISTmas! I love how you typed it.)


  11. I like at the bottom of the blog page the picture of the vinecovered archway and beneath it "Trust God". In a world so far removed from God it is always uplifting to meet up with a connection to another one who does "Trust God". Thanks again for the strengthening prolamation.

  12. Now that's a fabulous tradition... I HATE the Black Friday crowds. My daughter and I did go to the local Ace hardware to use the 50% off coupon and to the little craft store to use their 40% off coupon.... Fun little shopping, not crowded and a good time to spend together... Not quite as nice as a day in my jammies though... Might just try that one out next year.

    All the Best...



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