Christmas Red

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Tuesday
Adding red to your home can be intimidating
 we go back and forth every year at Christmas time
color no color
Usually we all decide to just keep the colors to a minimum
That is until we get this vintage French enamelware milk carrier down from the rafters
It stays tucked away until
 Christmas time
We are always surprised at how much we like the warmth of
 a pop of red around the house
Adding red to our mostly white decor 
 adds warmth and whimsy
 candy cane charm
With chilly mornings 
 the fireplace is on, the pumpkin spice muffins smell amazing cooking in the oven
 the coffee is brewed 
a fall morning filled with the taste the smells and the feel 
of the holidays
Even this adorable glass bottle
 from Ikea adds a pop of
cheerful red to the kitchen
could not resist adding the 
gingham red ribbon
 the vintage look of this bottle
Red and white
 a classic combination
cheerful warm and
 romantic too

Will you  be adding a pop of red to your home this

romantic saying for today
"I love thee to the breadth and height my soul can reach"



  1. LOVE the red. looks great with the white all over the house. and the french tin is killer with roses in it :) lovelovelove christmas time

  2. I love red, especially with lots of white! I have got to have some red at Christmastime!

  3. I like your reds, it's such an exciting color and the perfect color for the holidays. Yes, I can almost smell those muffins, I am so happy to be baking again also now that the hot weather is gone. Blessings...Lu

  4. Sure do love your French milk carrier, awesome. Would love to find one, would be using it a great deal.
    I always have red, orange, copper, jewel colors in my home. I'm a color person. Sometimes more than less but depends on my mood at the time, time of year.
    Wonder if IKEA still has that cute bottle. Will have to look online, no IKEA in Grand Junction, CO area. No Home Goods or alot of the great stores people have.

  5. I have painted a separate wall in red and I’m going to decorate the wall accordingly.


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