Simple Fall Decor

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday
We had  friends over for dinner last night 
and I did not get a chance to pick flowers from the garden
plus it has been so hot
 the flowers I  cut have wilted very quickly

So into the fridge I went to see what  
might work in this pedestal vase instead of flowers

Found these beautiful
 fragrant ripe lemons 
we bought at the Farmers Market
{ we have been drinking  a lot of water with lemon slices}

The lemons have a fall  look and feel to them
so clean and fresh
perfect Fall Decor
  not only are they beautiful but  they have an amazing fragrance too
Everyone  at dinner commented on the pretty arrangement...
It's funny how
sometimes last minute ideas are the best!!!

romantic saying for today

"Take Love multiply it by infinity and take it to the depths of forever ..
 and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you"




  1. love the white pedestal bowl so cute!

  2. Enjoyed a glimpse into your dining room, love what I saw. Your white bowl sets off those lemons to the tea. No pun intended. Good idea keeping your famlily hydrated with water/lemons. Smart girl. Try to stay cool til it's time for some cooler weather although this is one of hottest times of year in SoCal.
    I used to live in San Diego so know how hot it is in Sept. thru January.

  3. So pretty! I love the pop of color the lemons add. Great choice using the white bowl too. Love it!


  4. Sooo true! The centerpiece does look stunning indeed! And works so well with a fallish look! Great idea! :)



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