Vintage Shopping test # 8

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Wednesday

Have you bought white ironstone from a Etsy shop or online
I decided to try my luck and buy 2  white ironstone butter pats sold together
They were a great buy and the pictures looked good and for 4 dollars including shipping
I could not pass them up
But when I received them only one of the butter pats was actually real
 white ironstone 

 Here are the two butter pats
Are you ready
 for another
Vintage shopping test
The butter pat on the left with the white bunny
 is a little larger than the one on the right
 with the yellow duck
As you can see the little butter pat 
that the yellow duck
 was sitting on actually fits inside the larger butter pat
When buying white ironstone
I always look for the stamp or mark on the bottom to be absolutely sure it is authentic
 but sometimes the mark  has been worn away with age
so then you have to go by color and  weight of the piece
Not being able to see the mark on the bottom of these two butter pats
 and not being able to touch them
 makes  choosing the real ironstone piece really difficult
Are you ready to choose the authentic white ironstone butter pat?
The larger butter pat on the left is the real
 ~white ironstone~ 
How did you do?
This was a very challenging  vintage shopping test
and when you buy online from any source always ask to see the mark
 if possible

Let me know how you did...

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  1. Yay I guessed right! Go me! I have quite a few of these sweet little butter pats, I just pick them up from time to time to stack them here and there. Just started getting into the white dishes, I love them all

  2. I guessed right! Yay!

    Have a lovely week,

  3. I did guess that one Pam, and I was thinking that the way the top of the dish is shaped as opposed to a more flatter look of the other made it look more substantial. Whenever I'm not sure of something {in person} I always turn it over. I thought I found a Lladro statue once, but it was enough of a similarity that I at least picked it up and checked the bottom.

  4. How sweet! Thanks for your thoughts, I'll keep them in mind in case I take that plunge!!


  5. I was wrong...However, I am a checker. I love and collect white Ironstone, pitchers, platters and anything else if it is genuine ironstone and white..have quite a few butter pats. Not all are white tho...I love your site.....

  6. I remember making those little sparkly bunnies!!!!

  7. They are adorable. I always wondered if ironstone has a stamp. Love it but never sure if what I find is genuine. Now I know :)

  8. I said it was on the left... before you revealed the true ironstone butter pat. Hey, I'm pretty proud of myself... I usually don't know my right hand from my left. Hope your Easter is extra special.

  9. The shape totally through me off.BTW I see so many items that are said to be ironstone.Not all of it is marked.This includes pieces that are not white.So can you actually call these ironstone?I was told they are but you really know your ironstone what do you think?

  10. LOL I failed :(

    I am getting caught-up with your blog. I have not been visiting blogs lately because I have been so busy! It's nice to be blog jogging again.


  11. I guessed correctly. I love when you do these, Pam.♥


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