Vintage Easter Baskets

  Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Easter Sunday is
 April 8
It is time to get the vintage Easter baskets
 down from the rafters and start decorating the house

Vintage baskets look beautiful with 
They are a wonderful treasure to collect

Some of the baskets we have 
are part of our decor all year round

Adding more baskets and flowers is the fun part
Flowers in the garden are starting to bloom Spring is in the air
Days are getting longer

This Easter basket looks like Spring
 with  pink hydrangeas
 Picked these white roses this morning with some tiny blue flowers
 that grow wild in our backyard 
The blue flowers were seeded by the birds 
wish I knew what they are called
such a beautiful  delicate color

So Grateful for the birds help  gardening and for all of Gods Blessings
We Spring ahead this Sunday don't forget to
change your clocks Saturday night so you are not late for Church  Sunday Morning !!
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romantic saying for today
"The moment of that Kiss contained every happy moment I had ever lived"
Paulo Coelho



  1. Pam:

    Love your vintage baskets! Hydrangeas are beautiful too! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I think your little blue flower is cape plumbago.

  3. Hi Pam,
    Love your pretty vintage baskets with the lovely flowers.


  4. Love the sweet baskets.And is that a vintage chocolate bunny mold?Wow too cool.

  5. SO PRETTY!!!

    You sure have me in the mood to get out the Easter bins!

    I am Irish on both sides, though, and must wait till after Shamrock Season, haha.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. My favorite basket is the pink hydrangeas
    one...just love everything about it.

  7. Beautiful blog! Love all the "love" inspiration.

  8. Everything looks so lovely--Easter seems early this year. Thanks for pointing out to me how soon it is! I think I am behind this year.

  9. Pam, your baskets are great, but that bunny is the best ever. Is that a chocolate mold?

  10. Love your bunny. I started decorating Thursday and will finish today...I need to get out my childhood basket!

  11. Love your vintage baskets. I love the stock flowers, do you grow those in your garden? I want to find some of those for my garden this year! Love your photos!


  12. Have several vintage baskets. Love the silver rabbit.

  13. I believe the blue flowers are called plumbago

  14. LOVE your vintage baskets. We did not set back our clocks, and yes we missed church. So now my week is starting off all *wrong*..... *sadface* The clocks are fixed now.

    Ricki Jill

  15. Thanks for this nices photos and I'm sure the blue flowers are called Plumbago. I had one at home but this winter was to cold for it. He's dead now. I love your rabbit!

  16. pretty pictures!
    love the baskets...its hard to find all the clocks in the house!!!

    love all the flowers too xox

  17. Beautiful flowers and baskets. They give the space such a fresh and airy feel!

  18. The blue cluster flowers are plumbago...Just wanted to let you know


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