Music on blogs

 Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
This is a subject near and dear
 to my  heart

  Many of you have asked me where the music went?

 I would 
 your vote 
Do You like music on Blogs?

I took the music off  because our beautiful daughter 
to see the pictures of Home here in California
 (she is in Texas}
 and often she is in class or at work when she is looking
{shh... don't tell}
and if she has the sound on and  forgets to turn it off 
the music will start to play and she is busted
so she asked me to take it off 
Of coarse I did 
So it was a very easy decision for me to remove the music
Truth is
I like music on some blogs 
 but I have to say there are a few blogs I don't visit because of the music 
 Music is very personal 
I would 
 to hear your thoughts
What is your vote
Yes for music
or No Thanks
romantic saying for today
"Love me and the world is mine"
David Reed



  1. I would say mostly no I don't like it because it is annoying to be going along looking at blogs and all of a sudden music blasts ~
    But....... I have to admit that there are times that I LOVE someones play list and will have it play softly in the background while I work ~

  2. A few years ago, I turned the sound off on my laptop, Pam, because of music on blogs. So it really doesn't matter to me because I can't hear anyone's music anyway! : ) I will put it to you this way though ~ if I want to hear music while I'm reading blogs, I'll put the stereo on.

  3. I vote 'no'.... for a variety of reasons. Sometimes due to the type of music - sometimes I don't realize how loud my volume is and suddenly - blaring music. Sometimes I'm on the phone and that's not a good thing. But my biggest reason I'd rather blogs didn't have music is cause the pages take longer to load. Thanks for asking! and you indeed have a beautiful blog - even w/o the music.

  4. Hi there, since you asked…I hate music on blogs! I find it intrusive when I visit a blog and music starts. Also, I like to 'quietly' view blogs, not announce to anyone in the room that the site I'm on is playing music. I too have turned my volume off on my computer solely because of the music on some blogs.
    Thanks for turning it off : )

  5. Love your photos, as always! I have my sound turned off so I don't here music on blogs. Usually I am browsing blogs at night and am tired and I just want things quiet. I have two little girls that like to "talky talky" so silence is bliss :)


  6. No thank you. I find it annoying. I turn my sound off now when I am browsing blogs.


  7. yay for no music!!!
    although i loveloveloved your songs :)

  8. I don't like music on blogs because I am normally listening to my own. ;) Love your blog though!! :)

  9. I don't like music on blogs...I always turn my sound down so I don't have to listen. I love music, but I agree with you that it's a very personal choice. Plus, I either look at blogs while enjoying quiet time at home...or while I'm watching television, so I don't want it to interview with the sound from the TV. Your blog is lovely...and I adore your blog header! So beautiful!

  10. I do have music on my blog and I do choose it carefully because I have been to blogs where it is very annoying! I like soft background music that is soothing rather than words being sung because it is hard to concentrate on what I am reading. I have lots of songs on my playlist and enjoy just having my blog page open so I can listen to the entire list while I am creating in my studio.

  11. I love music, but always turn sound off when blog perusing. It is distracting to me, but do love it too - but never listen to it.

    You have an awesome blog with or without music!

  12. That is the sweetest reason to take the music off! So so sweet!
    I sometimes turn the music off on blogs as I am on the phone talking to a client or a friend about a picture or writing or the family is watching a game on tv. I can turn the music off, your daughter can't ...in time!
    I understand that others like it & sometimes it is great...we have a choice....Your blog is beautiful & your pictures are stunning.

  13. Sounds like it is fairly unanimous! I have to agree as well. I hate when I go to a blog and have to turn the sound off because music comes blasting out that I didn't expect. It's not that people chose bad music, even the nice soft melodies are annoying when you are trying to browse a blog.

  14. I prefer no music.
    thanks for asking,

  15. Hi Pam,

    I vote NO to the music. Thanks for asking and thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL blog with us everyday.



  16. I think I would rather have no music myself.Though I do love music and also love some playlists.~Cheers Kim

  17. No to the music from moi, too. So annoying because I have my own music on in the house already. Love your inspirational blog :)

  18. I hate music on blogs. One of my pet peeves with blog "design". Very Myspace.

  19. Hello,
    I love your blog and while I did enjoy your music choice, I too vote no - I find music very distracting when viewing blogs and usually try to remember to turn off the sound as I too have been startled by blasting music.
    Thank you for asking - have a great weekend, supposed to be nice in "sunny" San Diego county.
    Margie in Lemon Grove

  20. I love music, but not on blogs. I have stopped looking at many of my favorites because the music blasts and there's always a mad scramble to find the mute button on the computer! I'll take a "quiet" blog over a musical one any day, thank you! Have a great weekend!

  21. I would say no, it is a very personal thing..however, no need to count me, I keep it on mute.

  22. I know exactly what you're saying, Pam. When I visit some blogs, the music is so loud and I have a hard time concentrating and enjoying the prose of the post when somebody's singing words in my ear. Accoustical or soft classical music w/no words are nice to hear, though. That I don't mind - which is why I chose that type of music for my blog and have turned it way down on on the Playlist controls. I've received alot of comments telling me they love the soft music. It is a total matter of choice, though.

    xoxo laurie

  23. I believe it to be such a personal choice, i do have music on my blog and have received many compliments on the playlist. I try to include "alittle something for everyone" where the music is concerned....Alil rock, a few oldies, something young, but usually with a "love song" undertone(after all, i am the "Hopeless Romantic"), and i strive not to offend......I enjoy listening to others music sometimes aswell....Im keeping my music and not even 24 comments to the contrary could get me to remove my playlist. My blog is an extension of myself as is the music on it, songs that move my soul, as my blog is an effort to move the souls of those who visit. Songs that make u wanna sing along. Songs that even help set the tone for posting. So playing devil's advocate, i say yes, yes, yes, to blog music! All are welcome to stop for a visit anytime, however , turn down ur speakers in advance, lol...........Bonnie

  24. I have to say I, too, find the music on blogs a distraction. If I want music, I have my own itunes playing! It's interesting that a lot of people feel this way~I have been wondering what the consensus was. Thanks for the insight! Have a great day~Angie

  25. I keep my speaker on mute because i don't like music on the blogs~it is distracting to me. I think it is more than enough for my visual senses. Music is super personal and I don't think it goes across the board like photography does.

  26. I love that you took it off for your daughter. How cute that she visits the blog to be reminded of home. I would keep it off for her. :)

  27. I don't like music on blogs. I agree with you it is a very personal thing. I love a wide range of music types, but often I am bombarded with some I don't care for. It is often very loud and jolts me. Plus, I have jazz playing in my boutique flower shop, so when I'm not busy I visit other blogs. Then all of a sudden some other kind of music breaks the spell of the ambiance in the shop. I think bloggers should give people an option to turn on music at their site if they want to. They should be able to opt in not out.

  28. Nope, same reason as Anjie, but at work, shhh, don't tell Joe. :)

  29. No. Should ask the viewer if they want it or not. I have my own music at work or home on and it's annoying for it to be interrupted.

  30. I am so glad I just kept reading your blog and found this. I truly thought I was out of the loop totally not having music on my blog. I have my own music, soft jazz, country, instrumental, Christian praise, depending on what I need or want. I too, believe music is so very personal. I love your reason for turning it off! Blessings.

  31. I do not like music on blogs. It is usually nice music, but when I get a chance to look at blogs late at night I am not in the mood for music. I sometimes scramble to turn it off quick. It is just irritating.


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