Vintage Shopping test # 7

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
Are you ready for another vintage shopping test?
One of these pieces is 
a rare Vintage White Ironstone bowl
worth $150 dollars
the other one is a
brand new bowl that I bought
for $1.95
They are very similar in size and both adorable
 This one has a plate attached and a creamy luster
you can see how small this is
sitting next to a single pink rose bud

This one has a lions head on each side
Do you think you know 
which bowl is the 
~vintage white ironstone~

If you guessed the one with the plate attached
you are right!!!!
It was made by
J&G Meakin

This one is new from Crate and Barrel and you can
see the price tag only

How did you do?
Do you see the creamy luster of the
vintage white ironstone compared to the brand new very white bowl

When shopping for
~Vintage White Ironstone~
be sure to
look for the creamy luster
and the stamp on the bottom too
Happy Shopping and

linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"There is no instinct like that of the heart"
Lord Byron



  1. Pam, I spotted it. I have some white ironstone, so I've learned to see that difference. Have to say that each of these are nice pieces. ;-)
    Great post. ~ Sarah

  2. I GUESSED it right! I love it when you show us this useful info and try to remember it when I am shopping. I love BOTH of your pieces.


  3. I love your pieces and I guessed right! Love your pretty flower too! Makes me want Spring even more. Not likely though, we are suppose to get another winter storm this weekend! I love being stuck in the house all cozy so no biggie!

    You have a lovely weekend!


  4. I guessed correctly, but will admit it was just a guess. Your pieces are very nice!

  5. They are both darling. It goes to show that you can get great pieces for a great price. I guessed the handled one too.

  6. I guessed right.Thanks for sharing that info.Am I right when I say the color of the newer one has a little more blue in it that the older one?They are both nice pieces and great finds.

  7. How fun! I actually got it right : ) Happy Saturday!!! ~Destiny

  8. That's a nice old piece! I'm sure there's a limit to how much ironstone I can collect, but I'm not there yet. I got it right too!

  9. This was great~I was happy I actually got it right~

  10. I guessed it! YAY! I'm loving that new one though...hmmmmmm.


  11. Hi Pam,

    I guessed right! I like that it comes with a plate. Very pretty! I am wondering...where do you look for iron stone ware? Antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores?

    All the best,



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