Real Life Love Story

Hi Everyone
 Happy Monday

a  real life Love Story don"t you
This is a Picture of my Parents on their Wedding day in 1955
Their Love story is so romantic
My Mom was 20, my Dad was 27
They met at Church
My father was in the Navy stationed in San Diego
My Mom was engaged to another man who was away at college
My Parents became friends

My Father said he fell in {Love} with my Mom at first site
undeterred by the fact she was already engaged
 {with a ring and everything}
My Father offered to go on dates with my Mom and her fiancee when the fiancee was home from college
to take pictures of them??
This went on for over  6 months.
They would  also see each other at Church on Sundays
  all the while my Father was eating tomato soup and crackers
saving up for a diamond ring for my Mom
a few more months past
They had never held hands or even been alone on a date but
One night when the three of them were out together
my Dad had a car and
 offered to drive my Mom home saying it was "on his way"
 when my Father walked my Mom to the  front door
He said he got up all his nerve and kissed her on the front porch
My Mom said
she was so surprised and she looked at my Father differently after that
{that was a great kiss}
My Mom said she fell in Love with my Father that night after that Kiss
She broke off her engagement and 6 months later married my Dad
They were married 56 years until my Dads passing
They were best friends, amazing Parents and Loved each other until the day he died.
I always think of their love story on Valentines day
~So Romantic~
This is my handsome husband and I on our
Wedding day

that man of mine
Did you see the new romantic movie
The Vow?
it is based on a real  life love story too 
It was the number one box office movie this weekend
I bet it will be the top box office movie for Valentines day too
 love her dress!!!!
I am off to bake yummy cupcakes for tomorrow

romantic saying for today
"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.” 
William Shakespeare 


  1. Sweet story...the sweetest is the 56 years...that takes real LOVE!
    So, did you like the movie? I read a review...do they stay together?

  2. What a sweet story...both you and your mom made gorgeous brides!


  3. Beautiful Story!Love the photos. I too want to see the movie and I didn't know it was based on a true story~Cheers Kim

  4. What a beautiful love story. So happy you shared it!
    I'm now following via Linky!

  5. lovelovelove
    granny and poppy's story is precious.
    and you and daddy are one SMOKINNNNNN couple.
    love you more mommy.

  6. Pam, thank you for sharing this sweet, romantic story. Happy Valentine's Day! ~ Sarah

  7. ...sigh...
    Perfect story for today, thank you!

  8. Oh Pam, your dad was really something...love undeterred. He must have had a godly confirmation to be so persistent with your mom. so sweet and really amazing! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! xoxo

  9. Beautiful story and inspiring. If you want something, keep at it! Best wishes. Linda


  10. A wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.


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