Healthy Flowers

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday
 Look at what is growing by the
side of  our greenhouse

Do you know what flower this is?

 It is pink night blooming
I picked a few flowers to bring inside the house today
The smell is so amazing
There was a study by Rutgers about the  wonderful health benefits of flowers
you can read it here

The study said that flowers actually
can help reduce stress and depression

to give them
to get them
to grow them
to smell them 
to hang them
to display them
everything about flowers
Can't imagine life without them
everywhere in our home
Even at the front door

Today I am going to the Del Mar Antique Show
so excited!!!

romantic saying for today

"Love conquers all things let us too surrender to Love"



  1. Love flowers! I live in South Carolina and we have a flower named Confederate Jasmine which is also pretty....Will be planting some soon, it is a climbing vine...I want to grow it on my white picket fence.

  2. love flowers too, right now I would have to go buy them. Can't wait to see a daffodil poke its head up soon!

  3. So pretty!!! I love those flowers~your front door looks so pretty.

  4. You are making me want to head to the garden store and start my spring planting...GORGEOUS flowers and pics!


  5. Lucky girl having jasmine in your greenhouse. Ours are just holding things over during the winter so not many flowers now but it still makes me happy. They'll be there eventually.


  6. LUV seeing your beautiful flowers, Pam! ♥ You display them soooo beautifully! I could sit and gaze at them all day long....while it's snowing like crazy outside my windows. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  7. I want to live where you live if you have flowers blooming this time of year. Just beautiful ~ thank you so much for sharing them with us who only have snow and 9 degree temps blooming. Your pics warm my heart.

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous.It is winter white around here.No flowers.I think I need to pick some up from the store.I think it would be a great winter pick me up ;-)

  9. Pam, you are so sweet to drop by I am crazy for your blog & white! Your kitchen is what I dream off..i will probably never show mine..as my husband does not want to paint the cupboards!
    I have always loved you blog title as I have a small collection of ironstone!
    Your "calm" cushion is great my daughter would love one so I shall have to hunt for one!
    Your vintage soap dish is amazing..I would keep it full of pretties! Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us all..I love Jasmine, but sadly we are too cold here(30 min from the ocean) but every christmas the grocery stores have them for indoor use & a few short weeks a year we can enjoy their delicate heady scent!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Gorgeous! All those flowers look like expensive french lingerie, don't they? I love the pink jasmine... it makes spring so delicious smelling!

  11. p.s. I have amirror over my stove too! Hay we should blog about that! I love it there!

  12. I so love flowers too--cannot wait for spring to come to Oregon! I miss my flower garden.

  13. Nice collection of flowers. You are a very smart person!

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  14. Such gorgeousness!! Love your flowers and photographs~ Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!


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