Halloween decorating with Ironstone

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

When you have a passion for something
your eye instantly gravitates towards it
the picture above from
BHG magazine
Did you spot the
~White Ironstone~

Starshine Chic shared some fabulous  Halloween decorating vignettes using
White Ironstone

my little ghost
Here is a simple last minute idea
felt stickers and a vintage White Ironstone pot
a little ghostly BOO
I am bringing this as a hostess gift tonight filled with candy 
have a safe and fun
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romantic saying for today
"Loving you is a light that guides my way in the darkness"



Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
the new 2012 spring collection from
Ralph Lauren

 The entire collection is 
soft, feminine and 
 Just look at this pretty pink jacket 
 This dress reminds me of Grace Kelly
simple and elegant
Tonight is our Son's High School Homecoming dance
His date was so thoughtful she gave him a tie to wear that matches her dress

so excited to see everyone all dressed up

 These dresses almost have a ballerina feel to them
Did you know that Ralph Lauren has a magazine
Go check it out
it is beautiful
It is always so interesting to see what the designers are wearing
basic denim 
and cowboy boots

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romantic saying for today
"I hunger for a glimpse of you"



Backyard Patio

  Hi Everyone
 Happy Friday
Here are few  pictures of our backyard

how private and peaceful it is here

 The fruit trees have lost most of their leaves
 The new fire pit is getting used more now
that the weather is cooler

 This morning the fog was beautiful
There is a chill in the air 
Feels like fall

I have some exciting news to share with you all soon
so hard to  keep a secret 

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romantic saying for today
"I can forget my very existence in a kiss with you"
Byron Smith



Vintage Pitcher

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

The paper white bulbs in the yard are already blooming 
so this morning a few  more  flowers ended up in the house
Here they are in my very favorite
~White Ironstone pitcher~

They look cute on the white shelf by the front door
 the vintage small white french enamelware bucket
and the
vintage enamelware sign

Smells so beautiful
for such a tiny flower
it sure smells big
Joining in the fun for
romantic saying for today
"My heart grows with every breath you take"



White Lace

Hi Everyone
Happy Tuesday
What a wonderful combination 
~White and Lace~
two of my favorite things
Look how pretty!!!
Yesterday I found the cutest cupcake aprons
at Micheal's

 They came in a package of 12
and were only  $2.49
They have the most adorable cut out lacy pattern

When I unwrapped them
I had the fun idea of
putting the lacy aprons around  votive candles

So simple  

the lacy reflection

They turned out so cute
I can't wait to go back tomorrow and get some more
wonder where else I can put them
I might even use them for cupcakes too
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romantic saying for today
"There is no instinct like that of the heart"
Lord Byron



Cottage Kitchen

Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

~Thank You~ for your  thoughtful comments
We read them together and each one touched our hearts
don't you just
 the trailing ivy in these kitchens

                                                               via Marie Claire Maison
Growing plants inside the house can be tricky
and finding the right plant for the right spot
{not too sunny}
{not sunny enough}
is a challenge for me
via MarieClaireMaison
Geraniums are cute in the window
and they can take full sun
{would I remember to water each one?}

I adore Ivy topiary's
but after the last one ended up in the trash
I swore I would never buy one again

Never say never
I have my fingers crossed
I am babying this topiary like I am its mother

Our daughter sent us these enamelware signs
for our Anniversary

~Cottage Kitchen~

All tips on growing ivy welcome and prayers too
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romantic saying for today
"Your something between a dream and a miracle"
Elizabeth Barrett Browning



Wedding day

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday 
 October 22 is a special day
It is the day we were married
We had a small intimate wedding 
 it was perfect

  It seems like only yesterday 
 A surprise bouquet from the man of my dreams
who still makes my heart skip a beat when he enters a room
 a man who leads by example
and loves with his whole heart
hardworking and dedicated
 tender and kind
who always makes me laugh and giggle 
who is my soul mate

 Here we are 23 years later 
blessed beyond our own imaginations

romantic saying for today
"A star is shining in my heart, My dreams have wings that touch the sky
I'd marry you a thousand times, I'll Love you till the day I die"
Marion Schoeberlein



Happy Cottage Home

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

Vintage treasures that sit in a cabinet gathering
dust are not for me

We use everything in our house no~thing is too precious
or off limits no matter how old it is
or what it might be worth

Have you ever gone to someones house
and they are 
afraid to use treasures because they might get rusty, chipped or dented 
{it adds character to me}
 That is so sad
its like having plastic on the good couch and only sitting on it when company comes
is too short and too fun to worry about things like that

So get your treasures out of the cabinets dust them off 
and enjoy them 
stick berries  from the garden in a vintage shoe
move treasures to another place in your home
have fun

The most precious  treasures in your home 
are truly 
  Family and friends
our furry friends too
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romantic saying for today
"Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price"
St Jerone