Happy Cottage Home

Hi Everyone
Happy Friday

Vintage treasures that sit in a cabinet gathering
dust are not for me

We use everything in our house no~thing is too precious
or off limits no matter how old it is
or what it might be worth

Have you ever gone to someones house
and they are 
afraid to use treasures because they might get rusty, chipped or dented 
{it adds character to me}
 That is so sad
its like having plastic on the good couch and only sitting on it when company comes
is too short and too fun to worry about things like that

So get your treasures out of the cabinets dust them off 
and enjoy them 
stick berries  from the garden in a vintage shoe
move treasures to another place in your home
have fun

The most precious  treasures in your home 
are truly 
  Family and friends
our furry friends too
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Feathered Nest Friday
Inspiration Friday

romantic saying for today
"Love is not to be purchased and affection has no price"
St Jerone



  1. love love love the pink daisy !!!!

    great post mommy :)

  2. Pam, I agree. Pull it out and use it! Our treasures should be enjoyed.

  3. I so agree!! I display a lot of my good pieces and that inspires me to use them more.

    Love the toast rack!!


  4. Yeahhh! You are right! Life must be enjoyed and I do this, not only I use them all, but I show them also in my blog, so that everybody can enjoy with me!
    Happy weekend to you and thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.....hugs, Barbara from a cold Switzerland

  5. Hello Pam
    You are so right. If you don't use it - loose it.
    I have never seen the point of display cabinets.


  6. Happy weekend to you and thanks for sharing your lovely pictures,
    I am really very glad after read here and I appreciate for the information that you presented here.

  7. I SO agree with you! We use everything here, even though we always have a houseful of teenagers. And you know, nothing has ever gotten damaged or broken anyway! I want them to feel loved, and special, and know that they are the most important thing!
    Cheers, Andrea

  8. Great advice. We use all of our pretties. What better day to enjoy them than today.♥

    I hope to see you for Pink Saturday.

  9. No plastic on my couch. Love that pink daisy. I have been seeing so much fall stuff today I was excited to see that punch of another color!


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