Dutch Door

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

this kitchen and check out the jelly jar on the counter too cute
 but it is the dutch door that really caught my eye
it is so simple and pretty
We have talked about putting a dutch door in our kitchen for awhile now
and we finally found the perfect door
at Home Depot

We found it when we were looking for our Christmas tree
someone had ordered it and returned it
 so the door was drastically discounted

 We will replace the door to the garden off the kitchen
{the one with the wreath}
it is perfect for our dear puppy Finley
we can keep the bottom of the door closed to keep him inside
and open the top to bring the air into the kitchen
at the same time

It has been raining here in California
very cold and dark outside  so to warm up the kitchen
I decorated the oranges with  some cloves  ....
while I kept looking at the door and dreaming of
how the kitchen will look with  our new dutch door
so hard to be patient
I feel like a kid 

Smells so good
here is a heart
for you
linking to This or that Thursday
only 10 days until

romantic saying for today
"I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections, 
and the truth of imagination"
John Keats



  1. Oh I love dutch doors too! I had a house once with one, and I loved it.

  2. i can already picture latte sitting in the middle of the door, itll be so cute!! love it cant wait for it to be installed for summer!! WOOHOOO

  3. that dutch door is really awesome!

    your kitchen looks magical!
    love the white colour... everything in your kitchen looks neat and beautiful!

    i love your blog!

  4. Your kitchen is so pretty! Love all the white. The dutch door is going to be lovely. Great find!


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