Christmas Joy

 Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

Lost is such a sad word
We lost a few vintage Christmas treasures last year when a water pipe broke in our garage
I was heart broken
But of coarse I was on the hunt for new vintage ornaments all year long
a great excuse to shop!!!!
yesterday something wonderful happened

My handsome husband has been cleaning out the garage
donating unused things to the goodwill.
In a box marked hats he found 
one of the missing treasures
my  *Merry Christmas* cup
I was so thrilled  to find the cup it was given to me by my Grandmother 
Such a mystery
I am not sure we will ever be able to figure out how 
or why it was in a box marked baseball caps
I am just grateful it was there 
~Found is such a joyful word~
can you believe there are
only 15 days until Christmas
linking for Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"You can't blame gravity for falling in Love"
Albert Einstein



  1. So happy you found you treasure Pam. It's a beautiful cup.

  2. Oh Kristin that is a lovely pink lusterware cup you have there!! I think is gorgeous, and I am glad you found it!!

  3. Oops, I mean Pam!! Blog hopping brain freeze!

  4. How joyful that you found that christmas cup, It is beautiful. Your christmas decorating is awesome.

  5. I am so happy you found your treasured Christmas cup. It is so sweet and pink and sparkly, I love it, even more special that it is from your grandmother.


  6. Hi Pam,

    It sounds like a Christmas miracle to me! Glad you found your pretty cup!
    I am honored that you left a comment on my blog. I am your biggest fan!

    CHRISTmas love,


  7. That is a beautiful mug and so happy you were able to find such a precious gift. I too have lost things and found them in the oddest places.

  8. Merry CHRISTMAS!
    Such a wonderful treasure, kept safe and hidden until you needed it :)


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