Heart in the garden

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
This vintage garden goose
  is one of those treasures that almost got away literally
  I accidentally cracked its neck
and was on my way down to take it
  to the trash can
 I placed it on the front gate for a minute to grab a trash bag 
when I came back
I was so surprised to see
how cute it still looked standing there by the gate
The goose had a lot of chippy charm when I found it years ago at a Flea Market in Oregon
he had lost most of  his color and was missing cement on its side
but he still  looked great to me then and now even more charming standing tall at the front gate
~Welcoming  Friends and Family~
so grateful I was able to glue it back together

This cement heart by the front door
also greets everyone and reminds me
of all the
that fills our Home

Sometimes the more chippy a vintage treasure gets
  somehow it also adds just a little bit  more charm
linking for
White Wednesday

romantic saying for today
"We are like two volumes of one book"
Marceline Valmore



  1. love duckies and hearts and you!

  2. I agree! Cement figures like these add so much charm to a garden. I've never seen a sweet heart like that!

  3. Hi - wonderful pics!I have nearly the same heart and I love it. I have it in a metal basket on a window board of our wintergarden, so I can see it from inside too!

  4. Everyone must feel a heartfelt welcome to your home.


  5. OMGoodness, that little heart is adorable!!!

  6. Awesome post..There are many rewards for the gardener, the visuals of his creation, the scent of the blooms, great fresh air and lots of exercise. Imagine a weekend spent in the yard with your feet up drinking in the spectacular gardens that you have created the fruits of your labor and love.

  7. Glad you kept that charming goose! I have a wooden duck with the same 'injury' and I think it just makes them more delightful.


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