White Picket Fence

 Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday
There are so many different
white picket fence
designs and details to choose from
it can be overwhelming to make a decision

When we decided to
fence our home it was fun
  looking through magazines for inspiration
  We found 
several designs that had a  simple clean
   cottage look

This was the inspiration picture we chose for our front yard fence
I found it in Country Living magazine
The pickets we bought at Home Depot
and instead of putting a whole through the point {too busy}we rounded the top
We also squared the posts

 Similar to this fence we liked
in Marthas Vineyard 

This white picket fence looks like a pretty picture frame for these flowers
this is our neighbors front entrance
the square design
 similar to lattice work but  with a slightly larger square

It was the inspiration for our brick patio fence

As you can see we decided to do 2 different designs
We squared the main posts on this fence too so there
 was a common theme between the two fences
They work beautifully together
I always dreamed of living in a house with a white picket fence
 dreams do come true

sharing with 
White Wednesday
and the Open House Party at
No Minimalist Here
Thank You Sherry for highlighting our home
be sure and join in the fun

romantic saying for today
"Blindfolded I would know the touch, the taste, the smell of you"
Maude Meehan



  1. I love bricks, I love white fences!
    Your place is gorgeous!

  2. Hello Pam,
    I just love your picket fence and the fence around your bricked patio.

    I found you on "No Minimalist Here" and loved the tour of your home. I'm now following your blog. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.


  3. Love the white picket fences. They just go so perfectly with colorful flowers. I love the pale bricks, also.


  4. Pam, I also love white picket fences and brick patios. Both of these are wonderful with your charming home. Thanks for the mention and for joining the Open House Party. Looks like your home is a big hit..but I knew it would be!

  5. Hi Pam,
    There is something to be said for a white picket fence. They are elegant and always brings an element of charm to any home. Your photos are fabulous.


  6. Pam I was so happy to see your home highlighted on Sherry's blog today, it's so charming!
    Your home is an inspiration to us, and the pretty picket fence turned out perfectly!

  7. Your fences are beautiful. I am afraid we are going to have to take all of ours down for a major paint job next year.

  8. Your home is just as pretty on the outside as it is on the inside!

  9. So glad your dreams came true. You have such a beautiful home.

  10. There is a small town on the beach on the FL panhandle called Seaside. All the homes there must have picket fences, and none of them can be alike. There is even a book written about the fences there. You would love it, Pam!


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