Fall Fun

Hi Everyone
Happy Weekend

 rich beautiful  fall colors of these hydrangeas

 My husband and I took a walk yesterday and had the best time 
just walking, talking
no phones, no kids just us
 holding hands

It was wonderful 
to just stroll together we didn't rush
we were enjoying the slow pace

 Life is so busy sometimes it feels good
to slow it down a bit

We came home and had our first 
  fall dinner from the
crock pot  
The crock pot is wonderful 
I need new recipes if you have a good one would you share it with me
........Pretty Please .....
We put the crock pot chicken in this tureen

This morning the tureen was out and these
beautiful hydrangeas made the
perfect fall centerpiece

I hope you get a chance to take a walk and hold hands this weekend
sharing with
Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"Holding hands is a tryst of the wrist"
Harold Emery



  1. Amazing flowers!
    Have a nice weekend
    Greetings from Poland

  2. The Hydrangeas are gorgeous!!!!
    Nothing better than to spend some quality "love" time with your special loved one!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  3. How nice to have such s good walk with your sweetie! Life is good, isn't it?
    Now your gorgeous tureen with the hydrangeas is just so lovely! Love it all on the silver tray with the ladle! Scoop up some fallness! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Oh I have some crock pot recipes! Today I'm making baked apples in my crock pot for a party this evening. Peel, core and slice the apples, (use green delicious by the way), put them in the crock pot with some raisins, walnuts, a little bit of apple juice (1/2 cup), cinnamon and whatever sweetener you want, I use agave, or you can use brown sugar. Put it on for about 4 to 6 hours. It makes the house smell amazing. When it's done you can serve it over ice cream, or I make cinnamon whipped cream, or eat it for breakfast with oatmeal, or I like it with Greek yogurt. Anytime you want crock pot recipes just ask. :)

    p.s. the song you play is the one I used for Anjie's video! :)

  5. Beautiful hydrangeas! Do you have a way to dry them? I have tried but have ha no success yet.

  6. I love Saturdays, lots of Pinktastic stuff to see. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pink!

    My Pink is here, hope you can come by and see. Have a great week weekend!

  7. I adore the hydrangeous displayed in this soup tureen! Great idea to get the china out more often!

  8. Gorgeous Pam!
    Those hydrangeas are sporting the most lovely shades of pinks and greens.
    You table looks amazing.
    So nice to take slow walks.... holding hands too?
    Even better. Precious moments.

  9. Hi Pam,
    I just adore hydrangeas and love it when they are in any container. Yours are eye candy and so pretty with the different colors.
    Walking hand in hand is special and can have a magic, healing effect for the heart and soul, Char

  10. Now THAT's my kind of fall decor!
    love Love LOVE

  11. Hello Pam

    I just wandered into your blog by accident and love the pretty tureen filled with gorgeous hydrangeas.

    So, I have signed-up to be your newest follower.


  12. Hello Pam

    I just wandered into your blog by accident and love the pretty tureen filled with gorgeous hydrangeas.

    So, I have signed-up to be your newest follower.


  13. Happy Pink Saturday, Pam.

    That tureen is gorgeous, and the hydrangeas make it even more beautiful.

    I love spending time with my husband, too. Life is good.

    I have a wonderful crockpot recipe that I will e-mail you. Everyone loves it.♥

  14. Hello Pam, I found your blog by chance and fell in love. Brazilian'm so sorry my English. I love decorating search images, and I just love cottage decor! But here in Brazil is hard to find furniture cottages, so I'm dreaming of decorating their findings. I have a blog, it is in Portuguese, but you can use google translator if you want to visit him.



  15. What a lovely post.
    Simple things are my favorite too.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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  16. SO PRETTY! from our garden?!


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