Made in England

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday
~Time for Tea~
There is a nip in the air at night now
Do you feel it too
Time to have a fire and curl up with a great cup of tea

A favorite teapot
and my pink Mommy cup
{looks like a bowl}
please ignore the laundry basket on the chair

One of the best investments we made our
20  year old
Simplex  Tea  Kettle
They are made in England manufactured since 1903
ours is chrome over copper
We use it everyday

 Shabby Chic teapot

The Republic of Tea
Wild Berry Plum  green tea
The smell of this tea is exquisite
it has a delicate berry flavor

A few pink  roses from the garden 
linking for
romantic saying for today

 "Lovers don't meet somewhere along the way they're in one anothers souls from the beginning"
Eleanor Munro



  1. pretty post,laundry basket and all!!!!!

  2. pretty and restful! I love my big cup of vanilla rooibos in the evening...

  3. What a great blog, I will be sure to stop by again.
    You might like to drop by my blog.

  4. What a great looking tea kettle...I will have to check that out. This is the time of year I will stop and have a cup of tea.

  5. Nice Pink Saturday post. I would love a tea kettle like yours. Ours is supposed to whistle, but it doesn't. It is by Le Cruset, and it scares me because it is always boiling over!

  6. Oooohhh!! LUV that bright, shiny teapot! :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. What an elegant tea kettle, lovely!
    I feel that nip in the air here too, tea time is calling :)

  8. Such pretty pictures! I always love to see what you have to show us :)
    I am loving the fall feeling lately, so refreshing.


  9. I've spied your tea kettle in a few of your older posts and have always admired it. As soon as I saw the close-up today I was thinking "oh I hope she mentions the brand or where she got it" and THEN I scroll down and there it is!!! I'm on the hunt :)

  10. WOW 600 followers GO MAMACITA!
    yummy tea i just stocked up on earl grey!

  11. So welcoming. Wish I could join you for that cup of tea. Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper


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