Hi Everyone
Happy Monday

Can you see  this beautiful pink bud around the gorgeous white roses
The white petals
 look like angels wings to me
luminous and ethereal
 White  Iceberg roses are so pretty and super easy to grow

 to take a walk in the garden in the morning
and look for a few roses to cut

Pick tomatoes and carrots from the garden
Spot the white roses peeking around the corner of the patio

We were all watching this pink rose open up a little more each day

Here it is in full bloom
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I hope you get a chance to take a break walk outside and enjoy the day too
Grateful for the beauty that everyday brings

romantic saying for today
"I hear my own heart beat now that you have given me a reason to listen"
Daniel Daniels



  1. That pink rose is beautiful! I love your "little cottage" with the blooming tree outside. You always have beautiful photos for us to look at :)


  2. Absolutely beautiful, Pam! I love the happiness and beauty I get each time I read your blog and look at your pretty pictures.

  3. I absolutely love your white iceberg rose...OMGoodness!!! It is gorgeous. I wonder if they are as easy to grow in Alabama. Do they smell as lovely as they look?

  4. I too am going crazy for these white roses!
    I have never seen anything like them~
    Please do tell us.... does their smell match their beauty?!!


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