Vintage French White Shoe

Hi Everyone
Happy Wednesday

This Little White French  iron shoe is the culprit
When I bought it in Paris little did I know that more
little vintage shoes were going to be coming home with me

It has such adorable details 
the chippy shabby condition
I walked by and asked how much it was{ trying to figure out the dollar exchange in my head} then put it down and walked away a few minutes later I walked back searching for it I was so happy it was still there 

Yes there are more 
Our children's baby shoes
Can you see the difference between our sons huge bronze shoe and our daughters little
bronze shoe
a sentimental treasure
so grateful we captured a moment in time 

This Children's wooden shoe form
says Mommoth Spring, Arkansas
you'll never guess where I found it
{the perfect souvenir}

A green celluloid  child's shoe form it is
the prettiest color 
My Wonderful Husband found it for me
The little child size forms are hard to find

Its fun to see them all grouped together
they almost look like they might march right off the table
 One little white vintage shoe started a brand new passion

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romantic saying for today
"You hooked my heart and made me so grateful to be caught by your love"
Arlene Levine



  1. I've always loved the wooden shoe forms, but your white with flowers is very unusual!

  2. Such an adorable little shoe collection.


  3. So cute, I too have a collection of little shoes.

  4. Pam, it's fun to see your grouping of shoes. Love the white one!
    I have a small group of little shoes too ~ a wooden shoe form, a French lacquer snuff box in the form of a shoe, and a group of the bronze baby shoes. I started gathering some of the bronze baby shoes last year when I came across them at Round Top Antique Market Days. Fun to think about what child might have worn them, but sad to think that they are no longer a part of the family.

  5. What charming little shoes! How lovely that you have casts of your children's little shoes. I love your charming blog and am following you.

  6. Pam, once again you have inspired me. I am adding a cabinet in our den, and I've been thinking of what I want to place on it. I have four little bronzed shoes (mine, my husband's, my son's and our grandson's) that I have never found a perfect place to live. I'll be digging them out this weekend.


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