Pretty in Pink

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

simple and white

But one look at these photos from 
 the fabulous interiors of Robin Brown from Magnolia Pearl and I fell in
with this romantic vintage look
I could move right in
ok I might paint a few more things white

Do you see the pink appliances, there are so many amazing details
its difficult to go to the next picture
The pink refrigerator is so cute

I was recently sent the book
by a sweet follower who knows I am a romantic at heart
 all I can say is 
just take a peek and you will
fall in love with Robin Browns book too
Thank You so much Amy for your thoughtfulness
Grateful for such amazing blog friends
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romantic saying for today
"There is more love in silence than in words that special look the soaring of the heart 
speaks volumes"



  1. Hello Pam, this kitchen looks like the perfect kitchen for making apple pies and sharing a pot of tea~
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. I also have that book and absolutely love it. It sits by my bed and is looked at a lot:) She is so inspirational, don't you think?
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. lovely vintage look......i remeber when you could get a pink refrigerator...or a yellow one or an agua one as ell....oh, and yes, they did have while...geez, this makes me feel O.L.D lol!

  4. I checked out this book from the library a few months ago, and I enjoyed it! Lovely post, and I would love a pink fridge!

  5. Those are just beautiful pictures !!
    I am thinking I would love that book too ~
    I need to find it :)

  6. "pink is my favorite colour"

  7. One of my all time favorite books! Love it! (*_*)

  8. I have these photos in my scrap book of what I love!
    That pink refrigerator, LOVE!

  9. Robin is amazing! I think her clothing line is dreamy, and her home is to die for!She has a blog also. Her posts are just as beautiful as she is.
    I love her!

  10. Yes, amazing book & styling... I have a collection of her vintage lines of wearable Art, very inspiring.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. One of my friends once had a kitchen with the original pale pink appliances, and they were in like new condition. Her entire home as a charmer.

    Happy Pink Saturday, Pam.


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