Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

A Magazine publication  recently asked me
how I would describe  a
 The dictionary
 describes a "cottage" as
"a small simple home typically near a beach or lake"

Cozy, simple, flower filled and full of
are the words I use to describe
a cottage
How would you answer the question
Leave me a comment
The publication may use your description too

These  pink camellias floating in the front yard bird bath
look so calm and serene
 I thought I would share them with you
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Have a wonderful week end
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Pink Saturday

romantic saying for today
"Where Love is no room is too small"



  1. Happy Pink Saturday!!! I don't exactly know how I would define "cottage", but I think you home certainly epitomizes cottage, Pam. WHenever I think of a small dwelling by a lake, I think more cabin than cottage, personally.

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Ricki Jill

  2. Beautifully said.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. What a lovely outdoor vignette the camelias in the birdbath make.
    For me a cottage is a small dwelling with tiny windows, thick walls, a studded oak front door and a thatched roof.
    Fragrant wisteria grows beside the front door and clambers over the walls.
    The cottage sits in a English garden filled with sweet smelling stocks, roses and peonies.
    It has wide sweeping views across fields dotted with grazing sheep and the woods beyond.
    The uneven garden path leads from the front door to a white picket gate which opens on to a quiet country lane.
    This is my dream cottage. Maybe one day.

  4. Cottage for me means... A simple petite home that is often filled with family, friends and love. Where cozy and comfort is key.

    Happy Saturday. Your pink flowers are very pretty.


  5. a cozy home, filled with the things and the people you love.....perfection

  6. Just lovely ... cottage personified !

    happy pink saturday !

  7. so, so lovely. glad i visited this afternoon. cheers.

  8. I have that same Cottage Sign.I think cottage Style is eclectic vintage, shabby decor that is comfortable and beautiful.~Cheers Kim

  9. First time link to your blog - it is lovely and heartwarming.

    Define cottage... Beach, lake, countryside doesn't matter, a cottage home brings contentment and peace into your heart. It is quaint, charming, simple and relaxing with comfortable and unique decor. Cottage homes pause your heart with serenity.

  10. COTTAGE.... A place of light, beautiful music, good reading, some kind of water sound either waterfall, lake or ocean nearby that would be decorated to the likes of the individuals whom would reside there. To me it would be a peaceful place for all of us to care for our aging parents. Maybe situated right outside our residence. And of course it would have to have a handmade COTTAGE SIGN hanging out front acknowledging the residents.
    Love your blog Pam.


  11. Love the definition of cottage & love that birdbath filled with pink beauties! :) chris

  12. The vignette you've created with the pink camellias in the birdbath is just beautiful, Pam.

    To me, "cottage" means simple, effortless elegance that creates a relaxed, unpretentious charm." I think I said something like that on the post where I featured your blog. ;)

    Hope to see you at the party this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  13. I have that exact cottage sign too...and here I thought each one was handmade and looked a little different. lol.


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