Vintage Memories

Hi Everyone
Happy Saturday

This is the sweetest 
vintage sugar and creamer

the hand painted roses
I found the set at a thrift store years ago
When I got home I found a small note and some brown leaves
inside the sugar bowl
The note says..

Johnny and Jenny had a walk by the lake
He left for service a few hours later

I do not know who the people are
or what happened but I have saved the
note and the leaves just the way I found them
A Memory Saved for all time

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romantic saying for today
"What the heart has owned and had it shall never lose"
Henry Beecher



  1. oh my gosh that is so romantic. Makes me think he never returned. The sugar and creamer are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday. The House in the Roses could weave a wonderful story for us. Janet

  2. Wow...what a sweet note and great find! Makes you wonder the story behind it. Beautiful! Thanks, Linda

  3. What a beautiful set. I have a thing for creamer and sugar bowl sets. The note you found is so sweet. I wonder what happened to the couple. It's so great that you preserved the memory.

  4. Very intriguing, the note. I'm so glad you saved it.

    it's a beautiful piece, and you've arranged the flowers so nicely.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. oh my. the note was written by Jenny and she placed in her most valuable possession to keep for all time.....thank goodness the gorgeous set ended up in your hands.

  6. You make the world a more beautiful place, Pam!

  7. Oh Pam I love that note tucked into the sugar bowl. How romantic.
    Beautiful set...Happy Pink Saturday! xo Tami

  8. The memories that sugar bowl must hold!!
    Take CAre,

  9. I love the beautiful set. I think that note is so sweet. Don't you wish you knew the story behind it?
    Blessings, Sheila

  10. I cannot imagine anyone discarding this. Especially, with that note inside. At least, you have given it a good home.

  11. such a beautiful set and so special~ I sure you will treasure it!;) Hugs,Rachel
    French Farmhouse 425

  12. Oh my, those flowers are so pretty!

  13. That set is awesome, the colors are so soft and delicate. The note is really such a mystery, so glad you preserved the memories.

  14. Lovely memories and just stunning pictures as allways!!

    xoxox Rozmeen

  15. I bet the note was tear stained as well!
    Beautiful photos!

  16. I love your set!! It looks gorgeous.


  17. Pam, what a sweet post. Perhaps the leaves were found during their walk. Your photos are gorgeous. It was sweet of you to save the note too.

  18. How perfectly romantic! Can't you just see it! The set is so lovely and selicat, you just know that Jenny was too.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  19. Beautiful pieces!
    Romantic message, sounds like Johnny & Jenny
    took a hand held walk around the lake just hours before he left for war "service", she gathered leaves where they left footprints together......
    This darling creamer & sugar set will forever be blooming!
    Thanks for sharing this story....

  20. Very romantic, and sweet indeed! Happy late Pink Saturday,

  21. That is a beautiful set, but an even more wonderful history behind it. I love finding treasures that tell us a bit about the person who owned our antiques before us. Have a great week!

  22. You are such a romantic Pam! Thats why I love ready your blog!

  23. Pam, I fall in love every time I visit. Your home and your style are absolute perfection. Thank you for sharing the beauty you create in your life.

    Happy Pink Saturday. I hope to see you this weekend for The Big Pink Saturday 3rd Birthday Celebration.


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