White Cottage garden

Hi Everyone
Happy Thursday

This morning was drizzly and cold which was perfect
weather for the carrots and the artichokes that are growing in our
cottage garden 
and I was happy to turn the sprinklers off for a while
Gardening is such a test of patience for me
I want to over water and recheck the seeds all the time

Each morning I enjoy going out to see if the bunnies have eaten the carrots
and so far they have been happy to eat all the grass in the back yard

That is our compromise
I let them eat the all the grass they want and they leave the greenhouse garden alone
fingers crossed

My Son asked me this morning if
bunnies even like
Great question maybe that is why they have been so respectful
we are growing broccoli and strawberry's
too and we have been enjoying the amazing taste
of all of these home grown
fresh fruits and vegetables
I could not resist showing you the pretty white pansies
by the front door
and these amazing peonies flowers

  linking up for
Cottage Flora Thursday
at Fishtail Cottage

romantic saying for today

"If I had a flower for every time I think of you I could walk in my garden forever"
Alfred Lord Tennyson



  1. Lovely garden! It looks so nice...our plants are just starting to pop their little heads out of the ground. That's what we get for living in Michigan I suppose :)

    ~ Happy Thursday to you! Be sure to stop over if you get a chance! :)

  2. Your beautiful flowers attracted my attention!

  3. Hi Pam, gorgeous peonies! I can't wait for the peonies to bloom here.
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Julie

  4. Hoe exciting to grow artichokes...I don't know the first thing about them!! Well...just eating them!! lol! Thankfully the bunnies are leaving you alone, They did a number on my garden last year. They must not like my grass!

    Love your sweet peonies and that quote made me smile!


  5. Oh Pam, Peonies are my fav Flower though I've never tried to grow them and usually cannot find the real deal anywhere here in the Desert Flower Shops. *le sigh* So I've had to settle for the faux silk variety... its just not the same though... thanks for sharing your beautiful bouquet of them... magnificent!

    Spring Blessings from the Arizona Desert.. Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Peonies are such a beautiful flower. I love them. Yours are gorgeous. I won't see mine for awhile yet, but they are the same color as yours, Pam!!

  7. The peonies are beautiful! Mine are just making their way out of the earth right now and I can hardly wait for June! How fun to have a garden, and sip coffee and wait to see if the bunnies eat anything.


  8. Pam, now all I have to do is move closer to you so I can come over and steel those beautiful Artichokes..LOL have a great evening


  9. Hi Pam,
    I am crushin' on your artichokes and carrots. It will be a loooog time before I can even plant here. The peonies are beautiful!!!!!

  10. Oh, you have bunnies in your garden!! How fun....as long as they don't eat anything but grass! :0)

    Looks like you live in a little bit of heaven!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  11. Hi Pam,

    How are you?

    Love the peonies and your pictures as allways!


  12. Those peonies are just gorgeous!!

  13. Hi Pam:
    I'm swooning over the peonies! Love your romantic saying for the day! Visiting from Flora Thurs.
    p.s. I am a new follower :)

  14. Peonies are my favorite!!! They are gorgeous. Thanks for the pictures from your garden. :D

  15. Wow! I love your blog!!!! Those artichokes and carrots make me hungry! and those peonies are amazing!!! Beautiful!


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